October 23, 2014

Thursday - Sunny but coolish

A good day.

I got up early for me this morning and went for a walk.  I hadn’t prepared to go out this morning, so it took a bit, and I never did find my nice pink headphones, so I didn’t have any music either.  It didn’t really matter. I only went for 10 minutes, but it was nice.  Basically I went around our very big block!  I could feel my hip hurting a little, but it wasn’t that bad.  I’m not sure if I’ll go tomorrow too.  Maybe. 

When I came back I had some water and computer time.  I had a relaxing morning and did get stuck into my column finally.  It’s going fairly well.

I had a quiet day and then I thought about scanning my cards.  The only thing was, my new computer doesn’t support my printer/scanner.  Oh, it supports the printer part, but not the scanner.  Since I scan all the cards I send and receive, that was a big problem.  I spent many hours this afternoon downloading drivers and driver bits.  Finally, when I was going to give up, it started to work.  It’s quite different now and I’m not sure I’ll like it that much, but we’ll see.

When F came home, he basically went straight to bed.  I went in to check on him and he was okay, just tired and his back hurt.  I asked him if he wanted dinner and he did.  He said he’d get up for it.

I cooked so tonight I made Mediterranean Couscous (from a packet), miso pork chops (prepared by the grocery store) and salad.  We had two kinds tonight, one was just lettuce, the other was vegetable sticks.  F seemed to like it, except of course he added rice and slimy squid to it.  Bleck.

He did the dishes while I wrote my column and watched TV.  Tonight was my big night for it after all.  I enjoyed it.   

After midnight, F went outside to see if he could see any meteors, but he couldn’t.  He said the sky was clear tonight, unlike yesterday.  He did talk about taking a mini-break in November around his birthday, so I made a reservation for us.  I hope it’ll be okay.  I told him I didn’t want to go to Kanazawa again.  I’d love to go, but last time we didn’t really have a good time together, and I blame the hotel!

Anyway, I digress.  I basically had a good day today.  Tomorrow we’re going to have a nabe for dinner, so that should be nice I hope. I have to finish my column and polish it if I have time.  

That’s it for me.  Signing off!  

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