October 26, 2014

Sunday -Sunny and warm

A good day.

We both went to bed very late last night. I went to bed before F did, by a couple of hours I think.  We changed where we planned to go for a mini-break and F made the reservation for a change.  It’s about 5 hours away so he’ll want to leave early in the morning.  I want to spend more time there honestly, but I guess it’ll have to do!

I woke F up this morning when I heard the bread maker chime.  I went to the washroom then back to bed, F stayed up for a while. I rather worried about him today.

I finally dragged myself out of bed around noon, F was up of course. He’d had some ramen.  I got dressed and then we discussed what to do today.

We went for lunch to the Daiichi Hotel.  We planned to go to one of their restaurants, but when we got there it was closed for a function. Instead, we went to their Japanese restaurant upstairs.  We had quite a nice meal.  I had chirashi sushi and F had sashimi.  Both meals were nice, if a little bit pricy.  

My Chirashi Sushi.  Yum!
After lunch, F went home to pick up his cellphone and then over to his mum’s to take her the bread.  I stayed in the mall, hacked around a bit and then went to Doutors and had a Royal Soy Milk Tea and read my book for a bit.  I’ve been reading this book for ages, but don’t seem to be getting too far in it.  I’m over half way now though. 

I waited for F for a long time, much longer than I though he’d be!  I did get a hang up call from him, so decided he was probably on his way.  I left the cafe and on my way to the door, I bumped into the mother of one of my ex-students from my eikaiwa days. If she hadn’t been with her daughter who looked the spitting image of her brother, I might not have recognized her, but we chatted for a few minutes.  The mum speaks really good English as she lived in the US for a while as a child.  
Outside S-Mall.  The sky was amazing tonight.
F met up with me finally, and we drove off to Mikawa.  When we got there, we bought oil at the hardware shop, and F put some in the car.  Then, we went into the mall.  We ended up going to the same restaurant as we did last week as I didn’t feel like more Japanese food!  I love Japanese food, but I can’t eat it every meal.  I ended up having Tasmanian beef and fried chicken, F had a Chinese style dish that he thought was “meh”.  I liked mine!  

Outside Mikawa Shopping Mall.  The sky is still amazing!

After dinner we went upstairs to the theatre and went to see Hercules.  I surprised myself by how much I liked it.  Oh, it was supremely silly, but also rather smart about it.  I liked that they never really gave us all the answers either.

When the movie finished we looked in the book store and bought a nengajo book, and then came back to Tsuruoka.  After a trip to the grocery store, we came home.  I’m going to make chicken stew again.  I have to remember how much work it is and plan my time accordingly tomorrow! 

We had a fairly quiet evening, F watched some Japanese TV, I watched Project Runway.  Tonight was the Rockette challenge.I think the right person went home.  

And that’s that.  My day, more or less.  It was quite a good one.  I’ve got to go.  Night!

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