October 30, 2014

Thursday - Sunny

A good day.

I got up very late today but was able to stay up.  I had my usual morning of watching TV and relaxing.  I read my paper and had breakfast too.

In the afternoon I showered and did a few things around the apartment. Closer to 3 I started working on dinner.  I  steamed the broccoli for dinner and prepped the beans for cooking. 

At 5:15 F called to say he’d be late, and it wasn’t until 6:30 that he called to say he’d be home soon.  I kicked dinner into higher gear, and we had a pretty good dinner.  We had microwaved salmon, sriracha beans, cold broccoli, and salad.  It was pretty yummy!

In the evening, F watched a bit of TV and then I tuned into my shows.  During Bones something interesting happened.  My sister FaceTimed me.  Apparently I had FaceTimed her at 5:20 in the morning her time….luckily she had slept through it, but I didn’t mean that to happen.  I thought I cut if off before it rang through.  Sigh. Still, it was lovely to talk to her and SEE her!  My computer has a bit of a learning curve!

I went over to the couch to watch Once Upon a Time, finished doing the darning in, and made one more square which I didn’t darn in.  I’m really enjoying these little squares.  They work up fast and I think will make a sweet little blanket, depending on how the next phase goes.

And really that’s about it for the day.  I could blether on about TV, but it’s not that interesting, so I’ll just end this here.  Tomorrow, F will be home until 10 and has to go to Yamagata for a union thing, and might be home late.  I’m planning to cook tomorrow night, and I’m considering making something for lunch on Saturday too.  Considering it, I’m not sure if I really will or not.  I have to go, talk to you tomorrow…Night!

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