October 8, 2014

Wednesday - Sunny but cool

A weird day. 

I overslept a little bit this morning.  The cold medicine I took last night probably did that for me.  

When I got up I watched the end of the Angels and then I saw that Charmed wasn't on today at all.  They put Bewitched on at 10:30, but Charmed is gone.  Sigh.  

I had a quiet afternoon.  I had breakfast quite late, then did a few things around the apartment.  I had to do some laundry today too. Halfway through the day I started to get back spasms, which made doing things very difficult.  

In the afternoon I scanned a few cards and then got them ready to go to the post office.  I had a quick and very late lunch and then biked off to mail them.  There were all sorts of kids around the driveway, one of them was crying his eyes out.  

I mailed my cards, came back in and then started to get the table ready for dinner.  I decided to go out and look at the lunar eclipse, so I went to the washroom and then something weird happened.  My glasses got caught on the wall trim in the toilet room and broke. I have no idea how I managed that, and I'm quite upset about the whole thing obviously.  I'm lucky that I have a spare pair.

I was outside looking at the eclipse when F called.  He could hear from my voice that something was wrong so I told him about my glasses. 

He came home and that's when things went downhill a bit.  We'd both got some mail and I'd asked him for info about it, but it was hard to translate for him.  At the same time, I was getting dinner started.  F got really angry with me and stormed off to the room.  In all honesty, I'm not really sure why. He told me he didn't want me to cook for him, and then he made himself some ramen and took himself to bed.

I cooked dinner. I cooked it all, and ate my portion for tonight.  There's enough for some lunch tomorrow too.  

I left F alone and later on he did come out of the room and was fine.  He was friendly and joking with me, even prepared some nashi for us.  

I guess he was tired from work?  He said he would take me to the glasses shop when he first got home, but I thought it was too late for today.  He said that he didn't know how to help with my back pain…all he needed to do was be a tad sympathetic, the way I am to him when his neck is bothering him.  

Anyway, he went to bed a while ago but in a good mood.  I hope he stays that way.

So that was my day. I hope that I'll be able to go to get my glasses seen to, but if not, the weekend will be fine.  Got to go.  Night!

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