October 9, 2014

Thursday - Sunny and warmer

An okay day.  I got up this morning, watched a bit of TV and made myself some tea.  That was nice.  

I had a quiet day really. I didn't watch a lot of TV in the afternoon as there wasn't anything on.  I tried to go for a bit of a walk to see if an app was working, but I realized afterwards that I needed to buy another thing to make the app work.  Not right now then!

When F came home tonight he was in a good mood - yay- so I asked him if we could go and see if my glasses could be fixed.  We took them in, and it was just about as cheap to get a new pair as to have them repaired. I got my eyes tested too as I was quite sure that they had got worse since the last time, and they had.  So, I'm going to get a new pair of glasses for my craft work and reading.  The frames are very similar to the ones I had before, a different colour, but similar in style…frameless.  

After we left the glasses shop, it was time for dinner.  F asked for his new favourite fish restaurant so we went there. We were able to get in.  I wanted something fairly simple, so I had the sashimi dinner, and F had that too.  It was nice.

When we left the restaurant we went to the grocery store next. I suggested having pasta for dinner tomorrow night, so it'll be a simple at-home meal.  We'll probably both have carbonara with a bit of bacon from the store, plus a salad and some store soup.  It doesn't sound that bad, does it?

We came home and I proceeded to watch an insane amount of TV, but in my defence, there are lots of good shows onThursday night.  

And that's about it.  Tomorrow I am hoping to go out at some point and have some tea and reading time outside the apartment.  I need to get out for a bit.  I also wrote a few postcards tonight, so I need to send them tomorrow. Got to go.  Night!

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