September 30, 2014

Tuesday - Cloudy and then rainy.

The learning curve for my new phone is tough.  I didn't wake up early enough this morning, so I didn't go for my walk. I planned to, I really did, but…. 

I had a quiet morning, getting things ready for my visit with my friend.  I showered, found an outfit, spent 10 minutes deciding what necklace to wear with it…usual stuff I guess!  

We went for lunch to Grado and had a great chat.  I had grilled steak, she had pasta.  We considered having dessert there too, but decided to go to the mall for that.  We had Baskin Robbins and more chat.  All too soon it was time to go home.  When we left the mall it was raining.  Oh no!

She dropped me off at home and went on her way.  I came inside, changed and relaxed a little.  F called a bit later and said he'd visit his mum first.  Anyway, he did a bit of shopping for her and I got dinner underway.  

Tonight's dinner was no big deal.  After yesterday's rather involved one, I wanted something simple.  We had sauteed chicken from the shop, plus salad.  I steamed the last of the spinach, cut up the red onion and made couscous.  I think it was a use up what you have meal as I finished the couscous box too!

Dinner was pretty good.  We even had tea with it.  F did the dishes and then we watched a weird Nicole Kidman movie called Stoker.  I loved the cinematography, it was beautiful, but the film was a tad odd!

And really that's about it.  I've been playing with my phone, trying to get the right Apps for me, and then to get them working.  Tomorrow, I really hope that I can and will get up and go out for a walk.  I want to try the walking app that's on my phone now!

Got to go.  Night!

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