November 13, 2014

Thursday - Rainy and cold

A good day.

I got up this morning to check that F had taken out all of the garbage.  There was a lot. He had, which was nice.  I went back to bed, but got up again at 9.  F was still there, he was planning to leave soon though.

He left and I watched my telly, read my paper and had breakfast.  I was just starting to think about my afternoon when I got a call from him.  The car had stopped at a bank and didn’t start again.  Oh no.  He called JAF and they gave him a boost.  Or something, I’m not really clear.  He went to the car dealership and they looked over the car and he bought a new battery for it.  

Since he was late anyway, he called me and asked me to go out for lunch.  He came home and picked me up.  We went to a fish restaurant that he likes and had a pretty good fish lunch.  It filled me up for the rest of the afternoon.

After lunch he dropped me off and set out on his way to his meeting.  I came into the apartment and got caught up on some of my stuff.  

In the afternoon I took care of my de-cluttering, which involved do a spot of cleaning.  Yay for that.  

I  relaxed for a while, but around 7:30 F called to say that he was on his way home.  He expected it would take 2 hours…it took two and a half.  There was a lot of snow in the mountains and the roads weren’t great.  Sigh.  

While he was driving home, I made dinner.  I roasted some chicken and steamed a cauliflower, then made a white sauce with curry in it for the veggie. To be honest, I just prepped the white sauce ingredients before F came home, I waited so it would be ready for dinner.  I did steam the cauliflower early though.

Dinner was nice. It was a bit sad that F was too tired to really appreciate it.  We ate and had a nice meal. I did the dishes as F was really tired and I thought he needed a break. 

I watched my  usual TV shows, but I didn’t really do any of the things I hoped to do  tonight like crochet, watch a movie or do a few postcrossings.  Sigh.  

Oh, the decluttering today was a mixed bag.  I finally tossed (or arranged to be tossed) some old pans, and other stuff from the kitchen including some tea, sugar packets and dried salmon.  I also finally chucked some old lip balm tubes.  It’s getting harder, but I’m enjoying it more.  

Got to go. Night!

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