November 16, 2014

Sunday - Rainy, windy, cloudy & cold

A good day.  

I slept in today.  I didn’t mean to, but 2 alarms didn’t wake me up at all.  Sigh.  My new phone’s alarms just aren’t as annoying and difficult to turn off as my old phones.  I’ve been taking my old cell phone to bed and using its alarm to wake me up!  I’m not sure how long I’ll be able to do that though.

Anyway, F and I ordered in sushi for brunch today and it was very nice.  I made tea and we sat on the couch and ate our repast.  Yum.

I was getting mighty house-sick by the late afternoon, so I suggested going out for a while.  We did.  We went to the new supermarket again, and this time checked out the new 100 yen shop above it.  It was quite nice and I picked up a few things.  We also bought our groceries at the new grocery store.  We got a few neat things and I’m looking forward to seeing what to do with them!

We came home and dropped off our groceries, then went off to S-Mall.  I needed dark brown yarn for the tree trunk part of my Christmas decoration.  
I went up to the hundred yen shop, and F went to the grocery for the rice that he forgot to get for himself! 

We met up, I bought my  yarn and then went off to  Doutors for a drink.  I had my usual Royal Soy Milk Tea and F had Royal Milk Tea.  Yum.

Then, we discussed where to go for dinner.  On the way to the mall we’d gone past a restaurant we haven’t visited in ages, so we decided to go there.  When we arrived, a big group were just leaving, so it was good timing.  

We had a nice dinner at Jour Faste.  I had pasta, spaghetti with asparagus and shrimp in a cream sauce.  It came with a yummy salad, tea and dessert.  For dessert I chose a rucola chiffon cake.  It was quite nice, even if it was green! F had a hamburger and his came with the same salad, soup and dessert and coffee.  His dessert was chocolate cake. It looked good, but you know, I really enjoyed mine!

We came home and had some decaf tea, and watched a little telly.  I watched Project Runway and enjoyed it, although I did think that some of the clothes weren’t all that!  

It’s my sister’s birthday today and I’ve been waiting around to see if I can video chat with her, but she’s very busy, and I’m going to bed soonish. I did a little texting with my niece though to see if I can get her something she’d like for Christmas.  

Anyway, that’s about it for me.  Oh, wait.  Er, um…I wasn’t able to do any de-cluttering today either. I was either asleep or out most of the day.  The next two weekends I’ll be away, so I’m thinking to table the decluttering until February or so.  It’s a shorter month, so easier, and I don’t think I have any plans for it yet! I really enjoyed getting rid of stuff though, which is why I want to do it all over again.  

Tomorrow, I’m cooking at home and I have to run to the post office and mail some of the postcards that I just wrote tonight. I hope to fit in some vacuuming and other fun stuff along the way though.  Night!

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