November 18, 2014

Tuesday - Rainy and cool

A good day.

I got up before 9 this morning too.  F was up and in the living room already. He had to make a run to the doctor before he went to work.

I got up and dressed because I was expecting a delivery and didn’t want to go to the door in my pajamas.  I watched X-Files and also my usual Next Top Model, but F came back for a bit during that.  He didn’t like me sitting on the couch in “his” space!  I liked it just fine.  I was doing some crochet on my Christmas decoration.

I got my delivery and then I started doing my normal house things.  I made the bed, and did a few other things around the apartment.

In the afternoon I did watch Broadchurch…NOT over yet, and some stuff on my computer.  I also had a bit of a contretemps with Postcrossing too. They deleted one of my card scans saying that someone had complained about it.  Thing was, it was the front of the card I had scanned, and the person who sent it to me chose to write on it.  I had covered up part of his name to protect his identity, but they still weren’t happy.  This is a long time after the card arrived anyway.  Oh well, it is memorialized on my blog and I have plans for that spot on my Postcrossing wall now!

I had lunch and did the dishes, and then grabbed the vacuum cleaner and did a pretty fair job of the apartment. It sorely needed it.

F came home around 5:30 and put dinner together quickly. However, we waited until a little later to eat it.  We had shabu-shabu tonight and it was yummy.  We had lots of veggies and tofu too, so it was quite healthy.  I did the dishes afterwards.

We got a call from Uniqlo and they said that the shirt we ordered on the weekend has come in.  So, I decided to go to the mall by bus tomorrow morning and do some solo shopping.  I still haven’t got F’s birthday present, and it’ll give me a chance to do some shopping alone!  Yay.  I’m looking forward to it.  

We had a quiet evening.  I watched Grey’s Anatomy from the couch and did more crochet. It was relaxing for me.  I needed it!  

And that’s about it.  Tomorrow I hope to get up a little early and go to S-Mall and catch the bus to Mikawa.  Wish me luck with the whole thing!  Night!

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