November 2, 2014

Sunday - Rainy

A goodish day.

I got up early for me on a Sunday.  I got up before F did, but of course, he went to bed about an hour after I did.  I had a bread pudding to make!  I had soaked the bread last night, today I had to do the rest of it.  If I could get the kitchen!  F got up just after me and washed the dishes from last night. I was a tad ticked that he’d get in my way, but whatever.

I made the bread pudding, put it in to bake and then took a shower.  An hour or so later, I took the bread pudding out of the oven, and served it up with some milk or soy milk.  It was great!  Next time I’d go heavier on the nutmeg and maybe use another egg, but it was pretty good.  F was impressed too.

After we ate our breakfast and had some tea, I asked if F still wanted to go out for something to eat.  He did.  After a long and complicated voyage around Tsuruoka, we ended up at the pasta buffet place, Pisolino.  I tried to do everything right as far as the buffet table…loaded up on salad, stayed away from deep fried stuff…and even had a little dessert fruit and ice cream.  F and I both had pasta with stew.  I had originally ordered the beef stew, but I didn’t like it.  It didn’t have the rich taste I was expecting.  F had ordered a cream stew pasta, so we swapped. His was better.  He also ordered a pizza and I had a couple of small pieces of that.  

We left the restaurant and went over to the Internet Cafe since F wanted massaging chair time.  The parking lot was completely full.  We left and went to a drugstore for my shampoo, then a few minutes later tried again.  We were able to get in this time, but there was only one chair available. I let F have it and I went to the reclining chair area.  I was there for close to an hour but it wasn’t bad at all. I did a bit of reading. After a bit I was able to move to a reclining chair so I did, and read a bit more.

At 7 I got F to leave the Internet Cafe.  We planned to go to a movie again and I thought it wouldn’t give us enough time if we stayed longer.  

When we got to the mall F wanted to eat right away, but I didn’t really.  I had only a few calories left and I decided I didn’t want to go too overboard today.  I told F that I could eat dinner or I could have popcorn, but not both!  Actually though, if he’d suggested the right restaurant I would have had something small, but of course he wanted either ramen or rice…I’d rather pass.  

We went to Aeon Jusco so I could look at their wool.  I noticed they were getting low on the baby wool for my blanket so thought I’d stock up.  I was only able to buy one ball from my dye lot, hope I have enough. When I finished in the craft area, I looked for F but couldn’t see him.  I sent him a message and then thought he’d probably left me for ramen.  Sure enough, when I went to the other end of the mall, there he was, paying his bill in the ramen shop.  Sigh.  Why couldn’t he have just come over to me and said, “I’m going to the ramen shop.”?  It’s so simple.  

Anyway, we had time to kill, so we went to Seattle’s Best for a drink.  I had mint tea which was very nice really.  

We went up to the theatre and got our popcorn and drinks and went to see Dracula Untold.  It was surprisingly good.  It wasn’t a horror story, but it did have horror elements of course, but it was well made and well acted.  Both F and I thought it was quite good.  Better than it had to be!

We came home and came into the apartment.  I got to watch Project Runway.  This was the baby challenge, parts of which were quite cool.  After Project Runway, I watched Downton Abbey, season one episode 2.  I missed the first 10 minutes today because I thought I was on the right channel, but I wasn’t.  I missed the whole episode last week, even though I’ve been looking for it.  

And that was my day.  Tomorrow is a national holiday here too, so F is going to go to his mother’s and do some chores he’s been putting off.  He has set up the bread maker to make a loaf for his mother…I think he wants to split it with her.  I’m not sure what I’ll get up to!  Come back tomorrow night and find out.  Night!

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