November 25, 2014

Tuesday - Rainy, clear at night

A good day.

I got up when my alarm went off, came through to the living room and promptly fell asleep on the couch over X-Files.  I woke up when F popped in to get something.  

For the rest of the morning I did a few things on my computer but never did get around to having breakfast.  I was planning to shower when F called and said he’d come home for lunch with a bento for himself, did I want one too?  I happily agreed as there wasn’t much food in the apartment.  

Between his call and arrival I managed to get dressed, make the bed and was just on the way to put the kettle on when he walked in.  It was nice to see him.  He heated up the bento, I made tea and coffee. 

He left again and I did my usual things on the computer and then took a shower.  

I did some laundry and unpacked a little, although I’m still not quite done.  

In the evening F came home and we discussed dinner.  He wanted to go out somewhere I didn’t at first, so we compromised.  Then, he came up with a new idea that was interesting.  He has a friend on Google Plus that started an izakaya, so he wanted to go there.  He’s never met the person before, just wanted to show support.  We hit up S-Mall first for a few things at the hundred yen shop, then went over to the izakaya. 

The place is right on the main old shopping street and the food was very good.  It’s a hard business to be in, but the beginning signs were good.  

After we ate a lot of very nice stuff, we came home via the grocery store and I got ingredients to make chicken fajitas tomorrow night.  Since neither of us like green peppers, I will use mushrooms.  I hope it goes well!

We had a quiet evening in.  I watched some TV and worked on my Christmas project, then went back to my computer and did some postcrossing cards up.  I also watched the Project Runway finale for season 10.  It was really good and I can actually say I’d wear a lot of the clothes, if they made them in my size!

That was my day.  Tomorrow I’m doing dinner and I half promised F that I’d make an apple crumble or something so I might try and put it together during the day and then bake it in the evening.  We’ll see how the time goes!  I’ll leave you with this thought.  It’s only one month till Christmas.  Night!

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