November 28, 2014

Friday - Clear and sunny, rainy at night

A good day.

I got up this morning in time for X-Files and watched it. I restarted my scarf as I decided it was too wide.  I was having a nice, quiet relaxing morning when F called to ask me out for lunch.  Oh, so he started talking to me again?  Whatever.  Still, a free lunch is a free lunch, so I accepted.  

I got dressed, threw the bed back into shape and then met him outside.  We went to the Chinese restaurant that’s nearby and had a chill shrimp/tofu dish for lunch. It was okay.  I gave F half of my rice and it was still enough for me.

After lunch, he drove me to the bank machine and then after he used it, left me there!  I wanted to walk home.  It was a lovely day and the sun was shining.  

When I came home I watched Whitechapel and then the French series with Jean Reno. I had a nice quiet afternoon, but I did get a few things done.  I started packing for my trip.  Yay.  I have to wait for a few things to dry.  Some will be my clothes that I’m wearing on the day, others will be in my suitcase.  

When F came home, he needed to make another trip to the bank, and then we went to Komagi Spa for dinner.  It was quite nice, and very quiet there.  I was pretty good food wise, but did have a bit more dessert than I probably should have had.   Still, I didn’t have some of it because it had bananas in it, and I did have some fruit, even though it was covered in chocolate! 

We came home and had a quiet evening in.  I put all the presents that I’m sending on our bed and looked to see how much else I need.  I need something for my sister and something for my nephew.  I always get my niece too much, but I don’t think I’m as bad as usual!  

I did a bit more knitting and it is so peaceful and relaxing.  I really enjoy the process with this scarf.  The yarn is so interesting.  I’m currently at an eyelash bit, and it is so soft that I’m in love with it!

Tomorrow, F has to run some errands for his mum and go to the doctor.  I’m hoping we can fit in a bit of shopping and a trip to the movies.  There’s a lot on the screens right now….4 movies in English.  Amazing!  

I’m going away on Sunday morning and I won’t be back until Monday night. Don’t miss me too much.  I most likely won’t post tomorrow night as I have to go to bed quite early.  That’s it for me.  Night!

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