November 3, 2014

Monday - Rainy and cold

A good day.  

I had asked F to wake me up this morning but he didn’t really.  I went to bed so late and it was hard to drag myself out of bed before 10.  I did make though. After a quick email check and a piece of F’s lovely fresh bread, I headed back to bed for a nap!  

I had a lovely nap and got up a bit later.  F and I went out for lunch to a place in Haguro.  We had a nice lunch there.  I had pork stew and it was good, unlike yesterday’s horrible beef stew.  F had a beef bowl that was huge!  

After lunch we went to the Chido Museum and looked at the art.  Some of it was awful, but some of it was okay.  The museum was quite crowded with people and for the first time I got “Massan-ed” on the way out.  (Massan is an NHK drama about a foreigner who comes to Japan with her Japanese husband and starts making whisky.) Of course, I really LOVED that.  Snort.  

We next went to La Casa, the kitchen goods store.  We hacked around a bit, but I didn’t find anything that I thought my friends would like for Christmas.  I’m trying to be practical you know!  We ended up in S-Mall and had a drink at Doutors.  We came home after that.

After a bit of computer time, we went to Coco Ichibanya for curry.  I had some chicken curry and F had pork cutlet.  It wasn’t bad.  After that, we did a grocery shop and picked up a few things.  

We came home and after I put away the groceries, I did my decluttering thing.  I read about it on a blog I follow, Rosa.  Basically, every day for a month you throw away stuff.  On the first day, one item, on the second day two and so on.  I’m up to 3 now… and honestly, it was hard to throw away just three things!  So far, I put a book in my mooch pile, which has since been mooched (and I’ll mail it tomorrow), then I threw out a box and an old calendar that I’ve been keeping forever.  Today, I went into the kitchen and turfed a cake mix from 2002 (a friend gave it to me and I didn’t want to throw it out, but I was low carb-ing at the time), old pancake mix…6 years old…F wanted to use it someday, I didn’t…and some two year old crackers and fish flakes.  Okay, that’s technically 4…sue me!
I probably could do the rest of the challenge from my kitchen and not fret about it.

We had a quiet evening in.  F watched some J-TV and I watched Person of Interest at 11:45 tonight. It was on late. 

I have introduced F to Siri.  He’d never used her before, now he’s talking to her in bed.  Wah!  I’ve created a monster! 

Anyway, I’m out of here.  It was a good weekend.  Tomorrow I’m having lunch with a friend and we might do a bit of crocheting.  That’s it for me for tonight.  Night! 


Rosa said...

Yay! You got started on the decluttering challenge. It's fun, isn't it?

We're on day 23 now and getting into the stuff that's harder to decide on, but I'm glad about everything we've gotten rid of so far. :)

Helen said...

I'm doing it, F said he would, but forgot all about it, so it'll be a solo attempt, but yes, I'm enjoying the freedom to just chuck old things I was keeping out of not knowing what to do with them!

I have a couple of holidays coming up in the month, so I probably won't get to do as much as I should though.