November 5, 2014

Wednesday - Clear and sunny

A good day.

I got up this morning, checked my email and after a bit of breakfast I read the newspapers and started some laundry.  I did quite a bit of that today.

In the afternoon, after lunch (an amazing omelet), I scanned my cards and then took them off to the post office.  It was after 5 and dark when I went, but it was a lovely evening and the moon was full and bright.

I came home again, and a little while later F came home. He was very tired and I thought he’d be taking himself off to bed right away, but he rallied when I talked about dinner.  

Tonight I cooked quite a bit in a fairly short time. Yay for me.  I did German Potatoes, steamed broccolini, salad and garlic pork and it was all really nice.  Well, I think I over did the broccolini, but it did taste good anyway! I enjoyed dinner, and afterwards, F did the dishes.  There weren’t all that many anyway.

We had a quiet evening.  I got to watch The X-Files and then F got to watch something.  At 10pm I went over to the couch and did a little hooky during CSI.  I got a couple of squares done.  Yay.  

That’s about it really.  F went to bed, but he isn’t sleeping well yet.  I’m not tired really, but I know I should get some sleep.  Tomorrow, I’m not sure what I’ll get up to.  Come back and find out!

Oh, decluttering today was a bunch of different things.  I threw out some junk from the fridge, some old headphones, an old computer mouse and the base of another one and some very old and unopened candies. I probably won’t keep posting about it, unless you all are interested.  Are you?


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