November 6, 2014

Thursday - Cloudy, rainy.

A good day.

I got up this morning, watched a bit of TV, ate breakfast, the usual. I did manage to do a touch of crochet this morning.  

F popped home around 11:30 and asked if I wanted to have lunch later.  I suggested that he come home for a change and I’d make him an omelette.  I got a pre-order from him for fillings and off he went.

I got dressed, made the bed and then started doing a few things in the kitchen to get ready for him to come home. I made tea too.  When he arrived, I was ready to throw a couple of eggs into the pan.  I didn’t eat then as I wasn’t hungry yet, but it was nice to have F home for lunch and have something I was able to give him.  He had omelette with rice and some potatoes from the night before.  

He went on his way, and I did clean up, plus a bit of computer stuff.  I had planned to go out for a bit, but I never got around to it.  I always had something to do.  

When F came home, he suggested going out for dinner to a tonkatsu restaurant, not the big chain one, but a smaller one man operation.  It was a good call as the food there is excellent.  We went and had tonkatsu.  I had a filet one and it was nice.

After dinner we went to a different grocery store to buy ingredients for dinner.  I decided to try the “make your own pizzas” again, so we bought pizza bases, plus some onions, bacon, cheese, a tomato and some sun-dried tomatoes.  Hopefully it’ll be good.  I also ran into a very long ago student.  We said hi and chatted for a couple of minutes. 

In the evening I watched TV.  A lot of TV.  I did prepare the plastic garbage to be taken out, and once again tossed my things for the decluttering.  Tonight I tossed some old teas and the cans they were in, some old cocoa, a magazine and some old, old dip mix that I had hoped to make up once, and never did.  Sigh.  I’m a bit sad about my lapsang souchong tea but the tin was old and rusty on the outside and I doubt I’d had any in the last couple of years anyway.  I also did up 4 postcards and went over to the couch for a bit to do crochet and watch Once Upon a Time. 

And that’s it for my day.  It was pretty good after all.  Yay.  Tune in tomorrow for the next scintillating report.  Night!

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