November 7, 2014

Friday - Cloudy, sunny, a mixed bag.

A good day.

I woke up early, but got up late this morning.  No biggie.  I did my usual stuff this morning, I read the paper and had breakfast, the usual.

In the afternoon, I did my cards up early and ran them off to the post office.  I bought a few more stamps and then came home again.  Once I was home I began working on dinner.

My first task, because it would take the longest, was to caramelize some onions.  I was crying as I chopped them up, but I soon had them in the pan, sweating away.

While they were working their magic in the frying pan, I cut up some of the other veggies and got the table ready for dinner.  When F came home he changed and then we had dinner.  

Tonight we had make your own pizzas and it was yummy.  We had bought pizza crusts, and added our own amounts of sliced tomato, bacon, cheese, mushrooms, caramelized onions and leftover garlic roasted cauliflower.  Oh, we even had sun dried tomatoes for good measure! I let F make his pizza first and he got into it by loading it up with everything.  He cooked it and then we split it.  It was really good.  He had a surprised expression on his face, he’d forgotten how much he had enjoyed the pizzas we made earlier in the year.  I made mine too, slightly different from F’s and it was yummy too.  

F did the dishes, but there weren’t all that many tonight.  He watched a bit of TV, as did I.  One cool thing is that his doctor was on TV tonight.  He’s a nice guy, the doctor, and there was a couple of minutes of him in our city, treating patients and just living his life.  

I started watching a movie later on tonight, but I turned it off. It was quite violent and I wasn’t in the mood.  No big whoop.

Anyway, that’s about it for me.  Tomorrow F has some errands to run in the morning and we may go and see a movie tomorrow night.  Also, Orphan Black is going to start on D-Life and I’m hoping to tape it or watch it if the movie finishes early enough.  

Oh, yes, decluttering update.  I took stuff from a few areas of the apartment tonight.  I listed 2 books on Bookmooch, threw out some dashi of indeterminate age, tossed some old gum, threw out the plastic postcard covers that I have been saving forever, and a box that used to have Christmas cards in it.  And, threw out a box of Band-Aids that were past their expiry date and weren’t sterile any more.  Things from all over my apartment!  Woot.    

Gotta go.  Night!


Rosa said...

Isn't it nice to get rid of some stuff you don't want or need anymore? Like getting some breathing room!

Pizza night is one of my and Dave's favorite dinners around here, too. We usually do way too much cheese, onions, green chile and whatever else is laying around. The roasted cauliflower sounds interesting. Have to try that!

Helen said...

Yes to getting rid of stuff. Most of it should have been turfed years ago. I'm not sure what I'm going to do when it starts getting harder!

And the roasted cauliflower was leftover from dinner earlier in the week. It was very garlicky and quite nice on the top of our pizza. We did mostly tomatoes, bacon, mushrooms, caramelized onions, and a bit of cheese. They were really good!

Thanks for visiting.