November 8, 2014

Saturday - Sunny

An okay day.

I got up when F came back from the doctor’s office and his house.  I was horrified to see that he was wearing the shirt that I absolutely hate, a nasty mustard yellow polyester thing that doesn’t fit properly and no one with any fashion sense would wear.  Sigh.  He wore it all day too, just to spite me.

I got up, watched a bit of telly, and then while he dozed, got the table set up for lunch.  We basically just had the same as we did the night before, make your own pizzas. They were just as good today too! We ran out of pizza bases and so F used a tortilla as a base!  It worked and was quite nice too.

After lunch I was overcome with tiredness and F didn’t seem likely to move from the couch.  I went back to my bed and napped for a bit. I thought I’d wake up in a couple of minutes, but it was a couple of hours later.

When I got up, F still didn’t want to move anywhere and to be honest I got a bit mad at him.  I told him that I didn’t want to sit at home anymore, so we went out for dinner.  Yes, it was 6 pm by now.  We went to Bikkuri Donkey!! and had a pretty decent dinner.  After that, we drove home for F to pick up his medicine.  While we were there, we asked Siri to find us the nearest coffee shop, and she named a place we didn’t know.  We decided to find it.  We did, but it was really crowded tonight and we didn’t have that much time before the move started anyway.  

We went to see Lucy at the Tsuruoka theatre tonight.  It was a Luc Besson film, which I didn’t know until after it was over.  It was really interesting and not at all what I expected.  

We came home and watched the last half of Orphan Black. I’ve been waiting to see that show forever it feels like, and I missed half of it.  I’ve asked F to DVR it next week when the repeat is on. I think I’d like to keep it.  

The rest of the night we just watched some TV.  I watched Under the Dome and Downton Abbey.  I think a very interesting show could be made from blending the two.  Imagine, Downton Abbey Under the Dome?  Or maybe not!

That’s about it for me.  Tomorrow I hope that we’ll run a few errands…I need to get winter boots and get cracking on my Christmas shopping too.  Come back tomorrow night and see what I get up to.  Night!

Oh, PS...decluttering...4 books to Bookmooch, a hair magazine, some old tea, and a couple of things from the kitchen drawer.  Yay!

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