December 1, 2014

Monday - Rainy

A good day, a good weekend!

I got up this morning around 8:30, but didn’t stay up.  I decided to skip the “free breakfast” in my hotel and just went without.  

I checked out at the same time as my friend and we walked over to the Aer Building and put our suitcases in lockers for later.  We made arrangements to meet up for lunch and went our separate ways.  She went off for business, I went off for shopping fun!

I shopped through a few stores, but it took a while before I bought anything.  I did buy a few postcards, and a few Christmas presents too.  I also got some import food for myself and some tea, again for myself.  So yummy.  

I met up with my friend for lunch and we tried a new place. It was supposed to be Spanish, may have been, but I had pasta and my friend had a pizza.  It was quite yummy! After lunch, we wandered back to the Aer Building and went to Starbucks for a little liquid refreshment!  Also yummy.

Sadly, it was soon time for my friend to leave, so she took her stuff out of the locker and then left for the bus station.  I went off and did more shopping.  Yay!

I walked along the covered mall for a bit, found the Daiei and went in.  I wanted to look at the fabric/yarn store.  I found it, but didn’t buy anything.  I did enjoy looking and touching however!  By then, I had about an hour left in the city so decided to return to the bus station area.  I found the Tower Records in Parco and got myself a couple of cds…a new Dean Martin set.  I hadn’t seen this one before and it has a few songs I don’t know.  I’m excited! I got another one too, The Proclaimers-Sunshine on Leith.  F and I went to see the movie Sunshine on Leith on Saturday and loved it, so I wanted to remember the original songs.  

After a quick washroom break, I took my suitcase out of the locker and went over to the bus station.  I bought myself a sandwich at the nearby convenience store and a bottle of water.  I put my suitcase under the bus when it was time to board and then I was off.  Between my iPod and my iPhone book I had a good trip home.  I dozed for the first hour, but read and listened to music for the rest.

F was waiting at the bus stop, and he was glad to see me.  We had a quick dinner of sushi and then picked up some food for tomorrow and Wednesday.  

Had a quiet evening catching up with email and TV,  and I also watched the second Ron Burgundy film on WOWOW tonight.  Parts of it were hilarious, but parts were just a bit overdone.  

That’s really it for me.  No idea what I’ll be up to tomorrow. I have to unpack and then see what mischief I can find.  Night!

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