December 12, 2014

Friday - Mostly clear, drizzle at night

A good day.

I got up on time this morning, and stayed awake!  I watched X-Files (and it was darn creepy too).  I don’t know if I’ll look at an escalator the same way for a while.  

I had breakfast and tea, and while I was preparing for that, F called with an invitation to have lunch.  There wasn’t much in the apartment to eat, so I accepted his invitation.  

I met him outside and suggested that we go to Cocos.  It’s quite far in the opposite direction, but the service during lunch time was quite good and we got our food quite quickly.  It was quite a nice lunch too.  I had a chicken creamy pasta that was basically just what I wanted, F had some fish so he was happy too. F drove me back, but had to drop me off on the way as time wasn’t great for him.  I walked home.

At home I did a bit of computer stuff and also watched the movie Burlesque on NHK.  It wasn’t terrible, it wasn’t great either, but I enjoyed it in sort of a guilty pleasure way.  

I scanned the postcards I wrote last night and then prepped a Christmas card for a friend.  I needed to take the stuff into the post office as I had to buy replacement stamps.  F called to say he was coming home early today, so when he heard I was going to the post office offered to drive me.  I told him I really wanted the exercise, so off I went.  

I got my stuff done in the post office, but there might have been a mistake happen there. I’m really not sure, the guy at the post office had a lot of things going on at once.  I hope I didn’t rip him off!  

Anyway, F didn’t come home right away.  He took his mum out and then he took the car in to have it’s headlights seen to.   There was a loose connection or something and he was worried about them. It took quite a bit longer than he thought and it was about 7 pm before he came home.  

He was in the mood for some Japanese food and suggested a place we like for soba or udon.  I was fine with that, so off we went.  I had meat soba, and F had an ume soba.  He liked his, I liked mine.

We bought a few necessities for the apartment at the grocery store nearby, then came home.  I suggested watching the first couple of episodes of Orphan Black so that F could get up to speed with the show.  He said he liked it.  

He went to bed fairly soon afterwards.  I watched TV for a bit and then got busy on my computer.  I’m hoping that tomorrow we’ll go to Mikawa and see a movie or something, I’m just not sure when or what.  You’ll have to come back tomorrow night and find out how it goes.  Night!

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