December 13, 2014

Saturday - Snowy

A not very good day.

We have a lot of snow. It arrived today between 5:00 am and noon mostly and is heavy and annoying!

Today wasn’t a good day.  F and I didn’t get on very well.  He started in on me before 11 am about where I wanted to eat.  The answer was nowhere right then.  I took a shower and came back to the living room to find that he wasn’t there. He’d gone back to bed.  I left him alone for a while but he came out.  He wasn’t feeling well, and basically spent the entire day in that mode.

We went out to the car and had to shovel snow for a few minutes.  It took both of us working fairly hard about 15 minutes to clear enough snow in our parking spot.  

We finally left for lunch, to the Daiichi Hotel for their lunch. It was nice.  F had a beef stew, I had beef cream pasta.  After lunch we tried to do some shopping, but didn’t really get much.

We finally went to the butcher’s shop and ordered our Christmas Chicken.  It was expensive, but not as bad as the place in the mall.  They wanted 3000 yen for an uncooked chicken.  Goodness me!

We came home again for a bit and relaxed.  F got a delivery and I just tried to relax myself.  I wasn’t really able. 

We drove out to F’s favourite fish restaurant for dinner.  I really wasn’t that hungry but somehow ended up with a huge dinner.  Most of it was really nice, but I wasn’t in the mood.  

Next, we drove out to Mikawa and got there around 7.  I tried asking F what he wanted to do for the next hour, but he wouldn’t answer, he just got mad at me.  Then he decided to leave the mall.  I stopped him and said I’d like to look at craft stuff.  He followed me there and then disappeared.  When I was done I couldn’t find him.  I sent him a text, which he answered.  He said he was in the washroom.  I waited outside the most likely one, and when there were only 10 minutes before the show I texted him again and asked him if I should go and get the tickets.  He wrote back that he was in front of the theatre.  So, he knew I was looking for him and he just buggered off to the movie theatre and didn’t bother to tell me?  Nice.  I walked along there and met up with him.  We almost didn’t go in.  Honestly, when he said, “Let’s go.” I thought he mean “Go home,” and I would have been fine with that.

We got our tickets, F got us drinks and himself some popcorn….I was still too uncomfortably full from dinner to have any…and we went to see Gone Girl.  By the time I finished in the washroom, the movie had started, so I honestly didn’t want to go in.  I HATE missing any of the movie.  

However, I really enjoyed the movie. I hadn’t read the book and I had no idea what would or wouldn’t happen.  Ben Affleck was just about the right sort of actor to play the smarmy husband! A good film in my opinion.

After the movie, I didn’t bother talking to F, I just left. We were the last people to leave the theatre and he could have talked to me, but didn’t.

I went to the washroom.  After that, I waited around the hallway for a minute or two, but realized I had no idea where he was.  I thought he’d probably buggered off again, so I left the mall and went over to the car.  He wasn’t there.  I went back in the mall and was going to text him, when my phone rang and I saw him in the distance.  Apparently he’d been in the washroom too.  Oops.  Too bad, so sad I missed ya!

We drove back to Tsuruoka in silence. We came home and I offered to make tea, which he accepted.  We talked a little to each other, but again, he’s “not feeling well” which apparently gives him the right to be a jerk. 

I have no idea what we’re going to get up to tomorrow.  I wouldn’t mind if we stay home and  rest, however he did talk about going to karaoke at one point.  I doubt he’ll really want to do that.  I need to get ink for the nengajo that we have to send out. 

Anyway, I’m done for now.  I’ll fill you in on the horribleness of tomorrow when it’s over.  Night.

PS...Added later...we spent the first part of the night in bed holding hands.


connienaka said...

Hisashiburi! I wouldn't mind at least some snow for Christmas. Although I know, from growing up in Wisconsin, it can be a real pain if you have to shovel it. Glad your night ended well (holding hands). xxoo

Helen said...

Hi Connie!

We have snow to spare. It is still coming down a little and it is really cold here for a change. My poor lungs are suffering from the change in the temperature.

Today was better!