December 14, 2014

Sunday - Cold and snowy

Not a great day…but better than yesterday.

I woke up this morning when F’s cellphone rang.  His uncle was calling him for advice.  They talked for a while.  The apartment was really cold, so I was surprised that F didn’t turn on the heater.  I realized that my voice was damaged too.  I’m only   guessing that my lungs must not like the sudden change in temperature.  

Anyway, today, I’ve been coughing a lot and drinking a lot to ease my throat.  Fingers crossed it doesn’t get any worse.  

We went out in the early afternoon for lunch.  We tried to go to F’s other favourite fish restaurant, but it was closed on Sunday.  We ended up at a place we went once before, a sort of Japanese place.  They do sara udon and pasta.  I had pasta for lunch, which means I have had pasta every day for the last 4 days! I’m going to try and avoid it tomorrow though!  After lunch, we drove to the electronics shop.

F has been thinking of getting a new DVD player for Christmas.  Our other one works, but it was far too complicated for me to use, kanji challenged as I am. It also wouldn’t let us record tv shows in the language of our choice, which for me would be English. He had done some research and even found the price online in another store, so was able to ask for a discount.  I got some ink for my printer because I’ll have to start making nengajo soon.  We also bought a hand mixer, because F had a hard time whipping cream last month!  It’ll come in useful in other circumstances, I’m sure.  

We came home and F spent ages (poor guy) setting up the new machine.  Because of where it is in our apartment, we couldn’t use the heater so I began to get really cold.  Although I wrapped up, I decided to just go to bed.  I was in there for a while and even took a nap.  

Finally, F was done.  Ta dah!  It worked.  I even used my noodle and figured out how to change languages with it.  Of course, the first thing F wanted to watch was skating, but that’s okay! 

Dinner time was next.  F asked if I’d like to go for Korean food.  I said sure, but when we got near the restaurant all the parking spaces were being used.  We decided to go to a Taiwanese place instead.  It’s not great, but it is convenient for some other shops I wanted to visit.  We had an okay dinner there and then we went to Yamaya.  I got some drinks for Christmas Day (sparkling apple juice) and some pasta sauce.

We visited the big MaxValu grocery store and I picked up a few things for tomorrow’s dinner.  I think I’m going to make a crustless quiche again.  It’s really nice and easy to digest too.  

We came home and had a pretty quiet evening.  F watched the TV about the election results, and then I put on Project Runway Allstars.  I enjoyed it.  

That’s about it.  I’m coughing and my throat is sore.  I’m hoping its a stupid cold, but worrying that it might be more.  Fingers crossed I’ll feel better tomorrow.  I’ve got to go.  Night!


connienaka said...

Hello dear friend- I'm hoping that your health returns. Being sick and cold is no fun. Take care of yourself - rest, drink lots of fluids... And get better!

Helen said...

Aww! Thank you!. I think I'll be going to the doctor tomorrow. I'm hoping it is just a cold rather than anything else.