December 19, 2014

Friday - Rainy and warmer

A good day.

Yesterday I felt terrible, but today, I felt quite good!  I had a good night’s sleep and in the morning felt better than I had in days.  Hurray for that.

I got up, watched my telly and did some computer stuff.  I took a newspaper/breakfast break from 10:30 on and also watched The Walking Dead.  Fox channel-spreading Christmas Joy and zombies. 

I took a quick and needed shower and then F came home to eat his bento.  I’m not sure why my husband needed to come home and eat here, but what the hey….  I think he was checking up on me.  I was fine luckily.  

He left and I got on with my afternoon. I watched some telly, and did a load of laundry, or tried to.  I might have put too much stuff in one load because it got to a certain point in the cycle and just stopped itself.  Sigh.  That was annoying!  I had to take out some of the wet clothes and dump them in my sink. Sticking my hands in that freezing water wasn’t fun. I got the machine to work again, and then I had to do the clothes in my sink too.  Still, they were done and hung up.  Hurray for that.

I had a substantial lunch today too.  I haven’t felt much like eating the last couple of days, so today I ate rather a lot.  It was good though.  I finished up my quiche.  I watched some of Hotel Hell today too.  It’s scary to hear about some of those hotels.  

When F came home he was odd.  He’d taken some time off and the original plan was to take me to the doctor if I still felt bad.  But, I felt pretty good.  He then decided he needed lottery tickets! Okay.  He went for them.  He came back and wanted to go for dinner.  It wasn’t even 5 pm at that point.  I wasn’t hungry yet.

We did end up going around 7 or so.  We went to Jiro, where we haven’t been for ages, so it was nice.  I had chicken and F had curry, so we were both happy.  We came home again afterwards.  I wouldn’t have minded going elsewhere, but F only suggested the grocery store.  He was tired today. I think he’d probably had to shovel snow at work today.  

He went to bed fairly early on, and I stayed up watching telly.  I feel almost normal again, except for the plugged up nose and cough.  

Tomorrow I think F wants to see his doctor and then I’m not sure.  I’m hoping we’ll go to see The Hobbit, but I’m not sure if we will.  Hopefully, I’ll update tomorrow and fill you in.  Night!

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