December 2, 2014

Tuesday - Rainy 

A good day.

I took today as a day to recover from my trip!  Although I had a great time, I was somewhat tired today and I think it was a good idea not to schedule something for today.  

I got up, watched X-Files and had breakfast and tea after a while.  I had a quiet morning.  F did invite me out for lunch but I begged off for today. I hadn’t taken my shower yet, so I needed to do that.

I had a nice and quiet afternoon.  I watched some stuff on TV, I used my computer a lot, I unpacked my suitcase, the usual.  F called to say he was coming home after going to his mothers. I did a bit of prep work for dinner.  I prepared the romanesco for roasting, I set the table, and tweaked what we were having.  It ended up being lettuce, basil chicken sauté, roasted romanesco and Kraft dinner!  It was nice though.

We had a quiet evening together.  I even went over to the chesterfield to watch TV for a bit. I knitted while I was there.  

It was a nice day all told.  Tomorrow I should start wrapping presents and perhaps I will write a few Christmas Cards.  That’s it for me.  Night!

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