December 21, 2014

Sunday - Snowy

A good day.

We both went to bed rather late last night, so I knew I wouldn’t get up early.  I didn’t want to anyway.  I dragged myself out of bed around 11:30.  F was all for setting out for a fish restaurant within five minutes of that, but I wasn’t ready and said so.  Finally  I was ready for lunch and a little worried about going for raw fish.  However, I kept my mouth shut and F’s restaurant was closed, so…we went somewhere else.  We went to Simon, a French-Japanese fusion place.  We had a nice meal there.  I chose…fish, believe it or not.  The meat dish was in a tomato curry sauce and it’s nice, but not what I wanted.  The fish was light and cooked and I liked it.  

After lunch, we came home for a while.  I suggested to F that he try and get a massage.  He did try, but the masseuse was in the hospital! Oh no.  We relaxed for a bit and I tried to print out some of my nengajo.  Oh dear, not a rousing success.  The new driver for my printer didn’t get the colours right at all.  The cards look faded and that’s a huge problem for me.  I might try using my old computer to print them out tomorrow if I can get it to work properly.  

And the nengajo book?  Turned up this morning.  F had hidden it in our tatami room. At least the second book we bought wasn’t too expensive.  Men!

F wasn’t doing well with the bad weather and even tried to go to bed at one point.  I suggested trying to get in at the Internet Cafe which we did try.  However, they were busy and all the chairs were taken.  

We went to have dinner and then planned to go back later.  Of course we didn’t!  Dinner was at an izakaya. It was really good, but as usual we ordered too much food.  I’m dieting and trying not to eat a lot of fried food, but F really seems hellbent on making me eat too much.  

We bought groceries and that wasn’t much fun.  F followed me and hovered over me, which I loathe.  There were no interesting vegetables at all, so I’m not sure what we’re going to have with our meal tomorrow.  Sigh.  I got some potatoes, but I’m not sure I’ll do them tomorrow or not.  

We came home and relaxed again.  I wrote three cards for postcrossing. I’ll scan them tomorrow and hopefully I’ll feel like walking them to the post office in the afternoon.  

I took a break to watch Downton Abbey.  I did some crafting too, which just felt lovely.  I sewed in some ends and then worked on my knitting.  I’m re-doing the scarf and I like it better this way.  I’m actually doing it as ribbing.  It isn’t curling up and looks rather nice so far.  

And that’s my day.  I’m looking forward to having a day to myself around the apartment tomorrow.  F asked if he should come by with a bento or to take me to lunch but I told him not to.  With the roads as snowy as they are, I think he’ll arrive home and then have to turn around again and go back to work!  Besides, I’d like a little bit of me time!  Gotta go.  Night!

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