December 23, 2014

Tuesday - Cold but clear

An okay day.  

I overslept this morning. Part of it was on purpose.  When F got up, he watched something.  It wasn’t X-Files, so I stayed in bed! When I got up later we had an argument about where to go to for lunch.  I am so over that.

F wanted to go out for fish, so I said okay, then he changed his mind when we were in the car.  We went to a Japanese place finally.  He had udon and I had a vegetable stir-fry that was pretty good.  

We came home via the drugstore.  At home, I printed out some nengajo for him and more for me.  F ran a few errands while I did that.  After a while, I got really tired and went back to bed.  After an hour or so, F came in for a snooze too.  We were sleeping when the doorbell rang.  I answered and it was a big box from Canada.  Yay!  My sister’s presents to us had arrived.  Close, but not a problem!

I stayed up then and worked on nengajo.  I wrote a few and printed more.  

We had dinner at Cocos tonight.  I wanted to have their Christmas Mud Pie.  Of course we had regular food first!  F had his rice gruel and I had a burger with veggies.  The Mud Pie was nice.  We split it, because it’s too big for me right now.  That made it a nice treat for us both.

We bought a lot of groceries tonight.  It cost a lot!  I got stuff for tomorrow night and a few things for Christmas dinner.  I decided to add cauliflower to the Christmas meal.  Yum.  It’s all white though.  Sigh.  Mashed potatoes, chicken and cauliflower.  Good job the salad is green though!

I put away the groceries and F picked up some more kerosene for us.  We were right out.  I wrote out a bunch of nengajo, I only have a few left now.  Woot!  

At 10 pm I went over to the couch to knit during Grey’s Anatomy.  It was therapeutic!  My new and improved scarf is going quite well. I do hope I have enough wool though.  I’d hate to have to re-do it!

Since then I’ve been relaxing or writing cards.  It’s nearly time to go to bed.  I’ll talk to you tomorrow!  Night. 

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