December 24, 2014

Wednesday - No idea, didn’t go out!

A good day.  I got up on time today and watched X-Files.  I also wrote some email and knitted a bit.  It was nice.

F called to ask me out for lunch, but I said I didn’t want to go.  He then said he’d come home and eat his bento, and that’s what he did.  It was nice to see him.  I watched a bit of Heartland while he was here. I don’t know if he watched it too.

I had a quiet afternoon.  I wrote some email and watched a movie. I also printed out a few more nengajo.  During the movie, the doorbell rang.  I checked it out and it was the post office with a big parcel for me from my best friend.  Yay!  Just in the nick of time!

In the evening before F came home I started to get things ready.  I was doing pasta with shrimp and garlic alfredo sauce.  After F came home I kicked things into higher gear.  It didn’t take long until we had dinner on the table.  It was really good too.  

I let F do the dishes tonight and I went back to my computer.  I wrote my last few nengajo and asked F to translate an address for me.  Then I was done.  Yay!

I watched a bit of TV tonight and also did a bit more knitting.  I’m  really enjoying doing this, even though it is very basic stuff.  I’m not even sure if I’ll have to frog it again though.  It might be a bit too wide for my yarn length.  

That’s really about it.   Tomorrow I should be going out with a friend for a nice Christmas lunch and then maybe come home and start cooking and preparing Christmas dinner. After dinner, F and I will open our presents for our quiet little Christmas.

I’m still coughing a lot. It’s quite annoying and worrying too.  I have to get over this darn cold.  This is the second week and I’m still blowing my nose all the time.  Sigh.  

That’s it from me.  I’ll most likely update tomorrow night, although I might take the night off.  Have a Merry Christmas or a good whatever event you celebrate at this time of year.  Night!

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