December 29, 2014

Monday - Clear

A pretty horrible day all round.

Last night before bed I made a bread pudding up for this morning.  I left the recipe on the table and told my husband that if he wanted to cook it before I got up he could.  I also told him that I would be up to watch X-Files as it was the end of a multi-part episode.  

I got up this morning and my husband was making bread.  The machine was plugged in instead of the microwave/oven and was in the way of the oven anyway.  I objected and he moved the bread machine to another room.  Then, we basically got into a yelling match about my bread pudding and how I always become nervous when I cook. I changed the TV to X-Files and watched it while I baked my pudding.  When I took it out, the show was over so I gave him the remote and told him to watch what he liked.  Then I took a shower and then went back to bed.

I lay in bed for ages and slept for a bit.  I got up around 1 pm, just in time for someone to discover the first of a six movie in a row Rocky extravaganza.  Sigh.  So, from 1 until after midnight, I was forced to listen to the Rocky movies.  F didn’t start talking to me until much later in the evening.

I got so upset that after my dinner, which I made for myself, thank you very much, I went out for a walk.  It helped me a bit.  Just getting out of the apartment was nice.  It was warm outside and I just needed a change of air.  Of course, it didn’t do my lungs any favours. 

I’ve tried reading, but F had the TV on so loudly that it was hard to concentrate on anything.  

Anyway, I’m going to go to bed soon as I feel pretty horrible.  I can’t believe I have another week of this crap.  

Oh, and that nice restaurant he promised to take me too…apparently he had made a reservation there last night as he called to cancel it today.  He asked me if I’d still go and I told him I wouldn’t.  I probably would have if he hadn’t been shouting at me all morning, so it is a shame that he cancelled it, but whatever.  I don’t care that much really.


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