December 5, 2014

Friday - Rainy and snowy

An okay day.

I got up early again, but slept on the couch.  I thought if I stayed in bed I’d sleep through the rest of my alarms.  I did anyway, but I was nominally out of bed! I checked my emails and did a few things on the computer before taking a break to have breakfast and watch silly TV.

In the afternoon I took a quick shower and then got a few of my Christmas cards addressed and half stamped.  I also prepared a couple of calendars to go overseas.  I had just finished all of that and was about to get ready to go to the post office when F popped home.  He offered to drive me to the post office so I accepted his offer.  He just dropped me off, I still had to walk home, but it was nice.

I did my stuff in the post office…the man helped me today and was supervised by the nice post office lady, so I think everything was okay.  I am surprised that Japan doesn’t do a stamp for international mail.  I mean, I send a lot of Christmas cards, and with the rates going up, I have to put on a lot of weird stamps!  I had put 82 yen on some cards and 104 yen on others, so he had to use a lot of other stamps! 

I enjoyed my walk home.  

F came home and basically wanted dinner right away.  He asked if I had plans for tonight so I told him what I thought about.  I thought I’d prepare sort of finger-y/casual foods and then watch a movie on the couch.  F liked that idea, so I put a quick dinner together.  

F was doing his usual “can’t be bothered to get off the computer” thing but did finally get up and clean off the coffee table a bit.  We had just got our food and were going to sit down when the phone rang.  It was the flaming cable company and they kept him on the phone for about 20 minutes.  I was furious and then I just got upset.  I hate hate hate to have cold food and I had just spent a lot of effort to get it hot.  I was crying a little I was so annoyed. It just seemed like F was willing to talk all night with them.  He finally got off the phone and then we started watching Crank.  Of course, our tea and our food was cold.  Thanks so much OCN/NTT. 

We watched Crank and then about an hour into it, F starts clearing away the dishes and running water. I stopped the movie and let him do it.  It made him a bit annoyed, but I was very annoyed at the time too! 

We finished the movie and it was okay.  We put on the second one too, but F fell asleep on it.  It wasn’t as good, but did feature an awful lot of the first movie’s characters, even the ones that supposedly died!  I don’t know if I’d bother watching Crank 2 again, but I’m glad that I finally saw Crank.  

F went to bed as soon as the movie finished and is still there, sleeping away.  I stayed up and watched some TV, my silly Pretty Little Liars and then a new one, Bates Motel.  Yikes.  Not what I was expecting.   I’m currently watching Orphan Black.  I haven’t seen this episode.  Ooh.  I think I need to go back and watch a few.  I probably should have made F watch Orphan Black tonight.  

Anyway, I’m not sure what we’ll get up to tomorrow.  It’s been an okay day, but not a great one.  I hope tomorrow is later. Night.

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