December 8, 2014

Monday - Rainy

An okay day.

I am quite tired right now as I’ve spent the last few hours wrapping up all my Christmas presents to go out in the mail tomorrow.  F did give me a hand which was very nice of him.

I had a good if quiet day.  I stayed in all day and worked on a few things that I needed to get done.  I did watch a bit of TV, but it wasn’t anything worth noting today.  

Dinner tonight was leftovers.  It was a basic “clean out the fridge” affair.  There’s still some of the macaroni and cheese left.  Tonight I added a bit more cheese to it and that was a nice idea.  

F is off work tomorrow.  He wants to go to the doctor.  After he’s done there, I’m hoping I can twist his arm into helping me with sending the presents away. 

That’s all you get from me today.  Sorry about that, I’m tired, and it’s late!  Night.

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