December 31, 2014

Wednesday - Rainy and then Snowy

A good day.

When I last left you all, I had been having a horrid day.  It continued for a bit on Tuesday, but F came and nicely asked if I’d like to go out for lunch, which I would. Did? 

Today, we ended up driving to Yuzu, a town a little north of Sakata for lunch.  There’s a place that has a lunch buffet that is really nice, so F invited me there.  I had steak as my main dish, F had sushi.  After that, we drove back into Sakata and visited the new Starbucks.  We had a fun time trying to find it though!  F had us on the wrong side of the city entirely!  We got there finally, and F waited through the huge line while I saved us seats.

After Starbucks we drove back to Tsuruoka and did a few things.  We got food for F’s dog, we got food for us and then we came home.  

F took the food over to his mother’s house and I got caught up on email and did a bit of work on tonight’s dessert.  I washed the strawberries and then mashed them a bit.

F came home, announced that he’d misplaced his cellphone and headed back to his mother’s to look for it.  Egads!  Oh, and by the way, there was now snow and lots of it.

He did find his phone, but it was in front of his mother’s house, under the snow.  Thankfully it wasn’t damaged and still works!

 When he came home, we vegged for a while and then decided to have dinner.  We had bought some food from the grocery store so there was no cooking involved, yay.

After dinner we watched Return of the King on NHK and it didn’t finish until well after midnight.  At 12 I wished F a happy new year.  We did talk about going to the shrine but there is 5 cm of snow out there and neither of us felt bothered about going! 

I made our dessert and some tea for us around 2 am.  I made an Eton Mess and it was fabulous.  I would have quite easily eaten F’s helping too, if he would have let me! 
Eton Mess

Extreme close-up!
We ate happily and watched a Top Gear compendium.  (Big thanks to my friend that gave me some meringues from her Christmas preparations!)

And that was how I wrapped up the year.  It was rather nice!  I feel like I should be very introspective and write about how I changed over the year, but I’m not really that kind of person!  

Gotta go...Happy New Year!  Night. 


Orchid64 said...

I love Eton Mess!

Happy new year!

Rosa said...

Isn't Eton mess the bomb? Such an easy dessert and truly lush. Damn those spoiled posh Eton boys!

Happy New Year to you and F! :D

Helen said...

Happy New year to you too!

I've never had Eton Mess before...never even heard of it until I read about it on a blog and an interview with Benedict Cumberbatch I had to check it out. Yum. I may have to try making meringue too!

Thanks for visiting.

Helen said...

Rosa, yes, it is the bomb! Was it your blog I read about it on? I think so somehow....the recipe I used had port in it, which I don't have, so I put a glug of sherry in disappeared really fast.

Happy New Year to you too!