January 13, 2015

Tuesday - Cold and clear

A good day.

I overslept this morning.  Oops.  I had set my alarms to wake up but either they didn’t do the job, or I slept right through them.  I got up finally and had breakfast while watching my silly show.  

I had a quiet morning more or less.  I also did a little bit of cleaning.  I cleaned the bathroom sink and I also went out and did the apartment building sweeping.  It’s our month again.  When I was finishing it up, F came home from work.  Yes, another partial day-off.  This one wasn’t all for him though.  He took his mother to a doctor before taking himself as well.  He did offer to take me, but I didn’t want to go today.

I came back in the apartment and did a few things on my computer.  I watched a bit of TV, including some of the things I’d programmed into the recorder while we were away.  When F came back from the doctor he was very tired.  He snoozed on the couch and I got busy with dinner.

Tonight we had a fairly simple dinner, spaghetti with choice of sauces, plus some stir-fried cabbage with a mix that we bought yesterday.  There was also smoked roast duck too.  We had a nice meal.  I had basil pasta sauce, F had tuna sauce and we were both happy!

F did the dishes and then we relaxed for a while.  At 10:00pm I went over to the couch for Grey’s Anatomy and some knitting time.  I’m still not done my scarf, but it’s coming along nicely.  

And that was about it.  We had a nice quiet day.  I got a few things done around the house and in the evening wrote a few postcards to send tomorrow.  I’m going to have to try and get them scanned and ready to go.  It was a good day. Woot!  Night.

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