January 15, 2015

Thursday - Warmer and rainy

A good day.

I overslept again.  I think it was because I turned off my ringer on my phone when I play games, and then the alarms don’t work!  Yikes.  

I got up and started my day as soon as I could.  I did get in a bit of reading today and that was nice.  However, I didn’t get any wardrobe updating done or anything like that.  There was a reason though.

F called me to say he was coming home for lunch, and then did.  I made some tea for us and he ate his meal and then left.

I got an email from my sister asking if I’d opened my presents yet.  It’s not my birthday yet, but they already arrived.  I opened my box, unwrapped the presents and was really chuffed!  I got some great stuff from my sister and her family.  I got souvenirs from her family’s trip to Britain last year.  Great ones!  

She asked if she could video chat with me, and so my sister, her daughter and I chatted for a bit.  It was lovely in all honesty.  
A Sherlock t-shirt!
A mug, a pen and a pencil, a tea towel and another Sherlock t-shirt.

Afterwards I had a quick lunch and then got a bit of a start on dinner.  I wanted to make a salad out of some cabbage and a carrot.  I did that and was looking up dressing recipes when F came home.  I ended up not making one after all.  Tonight I made some couscous with chicken flavouring, sautéed some pork, and we had the coleslaw type salad with some mayonnaise and dressing.  Dinner was really good!  It was simple, but nice.

Since we didn’t have any vegetables for tomorrow, we went out to the grocery store for a few minutes.  I was happy about that.  I picked up a couple of tofu/chicken patties and a salad. 

When we came home, we had a quiet evening. It was my big TV night.  I watched some TV from the couch and did a bit of knitting, but I lost a stitch somewhere.  Sigh.  This poor scarf will probably fall apart on me.  I also wrote up a few postcards to go out tomorrow.

And basically that was my day.  F has told me that he will take a day off work next week to take his mother to the doctor.  I’m hoping that he’ll take me to get my hair cut as well.  

Tomorrow I may get a start on my closet. I really need to be able to use it again!  That’s it for me.  I have to go.  Night.


MsMouse7 said...

Hi - I have been reading your blog for a while and figure I should finally say hello. One of the reasons for my comment now is that I wanted to tell you that I really like your hair color. Anyway, you can see what I am up to at https://msmousecleanshouse.wordpress.com/
Have a great day and keep blogging; I like to read what your life in Japan is like.

Helen said...

Thank you for your kind words! The hair colour is genetic. My mother's hair went this colour and apparently so did my grandmother's. I don't colour it here because I think the Japanese hair dyes might be too strong for my hair, and now I like my colour too :-)

I checked out your blog last night, it looks quite interesting too!

Thanks for visiting!