January 16, 2015

Friday - Clear and warm

A good day.

I got up this morning on time and came through to the living room.  I watched X-Files and had some fake coffee.  That was nice!

I read part of my book during my “reading” time and then watched my silly show, had breakfast and was just thinking about having a shower when F called me and asked me to have lunch with him.  I accepted his invitation so I had about 35 minutes to get ready.

When F picked me up, we went to Bikkuri Donkey and had a nice meal. I had a pine-burg and he had a lunch set.  He gifted me his salad which was very nice of him.  Because time wasn’t great for him, I suggested that he just drop me off somewhere on the way home. He did, although he didn’t seem to want to drop me off near the right road!  I walked home and watched Only You, which was the movie de jour on NHK.

In the afternoon I scanned my postcards for postcrossing and then took them off to the post office.  I needed to get new stamps and I was hoping the post office had some new ones.  They did, so today I bought some of the new Beatrix Potter stamps.  They are cute, but I was hoping they’d be bigger than they are!  I also was gifted a bunch of pocket tissue packets.  I didn’t really understand that they were giving them away!

Back at home, I started getting ready for dinner.  F came home and was really tired.  I made dinner and it was bigger than I expected. I had planned to eat some of the leftovers from last night as my lunch, but went out instead!  We had some of them for dinner.  So, dinner was chicken, tofu burgers, leftover coleslaw, leftover couscous and some gratin.  It was pretty good actually.

The rest of the evening was quite quiet.  We had a snuggle for a while, but then came back to the living room and watched some TV.  It was a pretty good night.

Tomorrow we have plans to see a friend if everything goes well.  She’ll come over with her little one and we’ll do something!  Wish us all luck.  Night!

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