January 18, 2015

Sunday - Cold, snowy and windy

An okay day.

I slept in rather late this morning, but got up and went through to the living room where F was quietly watching TV. After a bit of computer time we started talking about where to go for lunch, so I suggested going to the Indian/Nepali restaurant again.  He agreed, so off we went.  

It was so snowy outside.  Sad to say a lot of snow had fallen this morning and continued falling for much of the day. On the way to the restaurant, we saw a lot of people walking around the Ginza area, and realized there was a festival on.  We got to the restaurant and had a yummy lunch. I had the chicken curry with a piece of tandoori chicken and naan, F had almost the same except no tandoori, and his curry wasn’t chicken, it had mushrooms in it.  

After lunch, I suggested to F that we go and check out the festival.  It was one for Cod Soup, which is something that he likes (and I REALLY don’t), so we managed to find a parking spot and walked back to the festival.  It did seem fairly quiet, so it was mostly over.  However, there were a few people eating and drinking along the street.  I even saw another foreign wife that I met once upon a time and waved and chatted a little with her.  
It was very cold outside during this time, not really good festival weather.  

After walking around the festival we didn’t want to go home quite yet, so we went to S-mall and did a little bit of hacking around.  We bought a few things in the hundred yen shop and then came to Doutors for our treat.  It was really crowded in there so I grabbed a seat while F got our drinks.  I had my usual Royal Soy Milk Tea, and F had the new drink, JavaMocha or Mocha Java.  I’m not sure what it was called.  Afterwards, we came home, with the plan to watch a movie.

We came home and after about 20 minutes in which no movie was put in the DVD player, I went to bed!  I was wiped for some reason.  I set my alarm to wake me in 20 minutes.  I did wake up, but reset the alarm for later.  I got up after 7, having slept for about 3 hours.  Oh my!  I didn’t expect that and I have no idea why it happened.  

After a bit in the living room I suggested getting dinner to F.  He first suggested Aki, the Okonomiyaki place which I was happy about, then changed his mind to go to his fish restaurant, which I wasn’t.  Still, I shut up and let him have his way.  We drove off to the fish place and discovered after we were out of the car that it had closed already.  Shucks.  Instead of going to the okonomiyaki place like I think we should have, he chose to take me to another flaming fish restaurant.  

I didn’t have fish, and I didn’t have a set meal.  I think I annoyed him with that, but I only had a few hundred calories left to me today and I didn’t want to squander them on food I didn’t want.  I had a vegetable/meat stir-fry and it was just about perfect.  It wasn’t too much for me and it was quite good too.  F had cod soup and an onigiri so he was happy.  He did seem a bit ticked at me at first, especially when I announced that I didn’t want a set meal.  Honestly, I don’t know why he gets so upset with what I eat and don’t eat!  I didn’t want to go and have fish AGAIN this weekend and think that this whole bait and switch thing that he’s pulled on me twice now has got to stop.  Just because I agree to one restaurant doesn’t mean you can take me to a crappy one.  

I also put in my request for my birthday dinner tonight.  He doesn’t want to go on my actual birthday which annoys me a little, but I can understand it.  I requested MY favourite place, not the new one he wants to try with lots of yucky fish.  (Okay, the fish may not be yucky, but it very well could be!)

We bought our groceries for the next couple of days tonight.  We’re going to do make your own pizzas tomorrow night and then have pasta on Tuesday unless things change.  I hope they don’t!  I will have to do some prep tomorrow though, that will keep me a bit busy.  We also picked up a bit of kerosene as we’re going through it faster with the bad weather.  

We came home and even though F wanted a movie I told him no because Downton Abbey was going to be on in 30 minutes!  I wanted to watch it “live” and so I did.  I watched it and finished my scarf during it.  Yay!  I still have many ends to darn in, but I’m done it now.  I do have to decide if I’m going to leave it long or sew it in a loop.  

I wrote up 3 postcrossings tonight too.  They are going off to Russia, Germany and Italy.  I might do another one tomorrow.  

Well, really, that is it for now.  Tomorrow I have to caramelize some onions for dinner, scan my cards and run them to the post office and generally be a wonderful human being.  I might manage two out of the three.  I don’t think there’s any point in going for three out of three!!!  Night.

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