January 22, 2015

Thursday - Rainy but warm

A good but somehow draining day!

I got up on time this morning and watched X-Files. I did my usual things, with a twist.  I was in a hurry.  I read, had breakfast and then took a shower.  F came home again for lunch and I told him that I was going to leave with him.  He didn’t really understand because he tried to just leave and I had to say that I was coming too.  

I went to the mall, got there a bit before 1:00 and had a look around.  I checked out the restaurant upstairs, but both of their pasta specials had tomato sauce so I skipped them and went to Subway instead.  Yay!  I had the new duck pastrami with balsamic sauce and that was yummy.  

I walked around the mall for a bit and then went over to my hairdresser.  She had a client when I got there, but her mother took over and I was able to have my cut started.  I got a great cut and it was so nice to be pampered a little bit!  After I was done, I paid and then walked back to the mall.  

I did a little more window shopping and then went to Doutors for a cup of tea.  I was getting ready to leave when F called me.  He was finished work.  I told him I had to get some more groceries so he said that he’d come and get me.  I picked up some cream and some mushrooms in the grocery store, and also some strawberries.  We got a couple of nice buns in the bakery and then came home. 

At home I tried to get dinner on the table fairly quickly.  I asked F if he’d like to make a dish.  He made it, but he kept getting in my way!  Still, it was done finally.  While I was cooking I looked for the ingredients from last night that F had received from a friend.  He’d told me yesterday that he had received a huge amount of spinach.  It wasn’t in the vegetable section of the fridge.  What?  Eek!  He’d left it thrown on some things near the fridge.  Almost all of the spinach that was there looked dead and wilted, and there wasn’t nearly the amount that he told me there was.  I’d assumed there was a large amount for tomorrow’s dinner, so I’d bought ingredients for the recipe.  Also, there wasn’t very much spinach at all.  I was royally annoyed! 

Dinner was fine.  The daikon that F prepared was really nice and the chicken was quite good too.  F did the dishes and I just vegged for a bit.  I’m going to make a couple of new dishes tomorrow because I have the ingredients and I’m a bit worried about it all.  Timing is going to be a bear.  I’m going to be  trying to make some buns so not just timing, but locating all of the cooking paraphernalia will be tough.  

F and I were having trying times tonight.  I was trying to ask him to look up how to make crusty buns in the bread maker.  I knew I’d have to bake them separately, but he couldn’t seem to understand that.  He kept trying to show me “butter rolls” which are the crappy Japanese soft bread things.  I don’t like them. Hopefully things will work out.

So, tomorrow I have to load my slow cooker, bake some bread, wash some strawberries, and cook some spinach.  Ack!  If F pulls one of his “I’m not going to eat your food” tantrums I might not be responsible for what happens.  

I watched some TV tonight between having hugs with my husband.  We weren’t fighting, and we both felt bad that the other person didn’t really “get” what was going on.  

Oh, and I have a new sign off for you.  I was watching Castle tonight and he said something to the effect of “‘Night’ is boring.  ‘Until tomorrow’ is more….hopeful.”

It just resonated with me…or maybe that was Nathan Fillion!  Until tomorrow….

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