January 23, 2015

Friday - Cloudy, rainy and I didn’t go out.

Busy weird day!

I woke up this morning and then F told me that his mother had called him this morning to say she couldn’t walk and he had had to go to her house and take care of her.  He was going to take her back to the doctor when the clinic opened. He had also taken the day off work.  I said a sleepy goodbye and nodded back off.  

I got up and watched X-Files, did my reading and then watched America’s Next Top Model. It was the finale so it was nice to see it.  I think they picked the right woman.  I had breakfast too, and that was yogurt and oatmeal this morning. 

After 11:30 I got started on dinner.  I washed all the dishes that needed doing, got my slow cooker out and washed that too.  I took the skin off the chicken and then dumped the chicken into the slow cooker and made up the cooking liquid.  I put it on the floor of my bedroom as there was an available plug-in there and I needed the ones in the kitchen.  One thing done!

I got a bit started on another dish I was making for dinner and F came home for a while.  I had a quick lunch as he’d already eaten, and then I suggested that he make up some bread dough.  I wanted to have some buns with dinner and I was going to make them, but I thought it would be better if he did it!  

I did take a break for a bit while he was in the kitchen, but soon enough, I had to go back and get things ready.  For the bread, I didn’t have a baking sheet, so  I used the ceramic plate in the microwave.  I covered it with some baking paper that I have and then pulled some of the dough out and made buns.  I set them aside to rise.  F was pointing out that the directions said that they should be set somewhere that the temperature was 30 - 35 degrees Celsius, but I pointed out that there was no freaking place like that this time of year!  I covered them with more of my baking paper and was told that it should be a fukin.  Whatever that is!  The baking paper was just fine, believe me.  My mum always used a tea-towel, but I haven’t any linen type ones.  

Anyway, I went on with other prep and when the rising time was nearly up, preheated the oven.  I baked the buns and when they came out, they were gorgeous!  

F went back to his mother’s to walk the dog and check on his mum.  I kicked dinner prep higher into gear and worked on the other dish I was making, baked eggs in spinach and mushrooms.  It came together fairly well, and when F came home, things were nearly ready to eat.

We had pulled chicken on homemade buns, baked eggs in spinach and also F had brought us some chopped cabbage, so we made sort of a coleslaw for the top of the sandwiches.  It was quite nice, but honestly, not nice enough for all the work involved!  I cleared the table afterwards and F said he’d do the dishes, but went off to take a nap.  That was around 8 pm and it’s 2:30 am now.  Luckily I did the dishes or they’d have been caked on and yucky!  

I’ve spent this evening watching TV quite peaceably and trying to relax.  We had strawberries and cream for dessert, but they are both in the fridge.  Sigh. 

I’m not sure what’s going to happen tomorrow.  F’s Mum is going to need a bit of care as she isn’t able to walk much.  F is taking care of her so he’ll have to go over a couple of times tomorrow at least.  I’m not sure what kind of things we’ll get up this weekend.  I’d like to go and see a movie, but not sure if we’ll swing it tomorrow or not.

That’s it for me for now.  Until tomorrow!

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