January 24, 2015

Saturday - Clear and warm

A good day.

I got up this morning when my alarms went off.  F had gone out with his mother and was taking her to an onsen.  I decided to go back to sleep for a while, and did so.  I needed it.  I woke up a little before 11 and felt quite refreshed.  

F came home a little after 11 and we talked about our plans.  We decided to have lunch out today and then dinner at home.  We almost never do that on weekends, so it was a fun thing.  

We had a very delicious lunch out at Fireball.  I had smoked salmon and mushroom pasta in a vodka sauce, and F had pork and tomato pasta.  They were both nice, with mine just edging into our favourite!  We shared pastas and they came with soup, salad and a drink today.  

After lunch, we spent a few minutes in my local craft shop.  I didn’t buy anything today, but I wanted to!  Actually I decided that I’d just as soon not buy anything.  Ha!  We went to the grocery shop to get some coleslaw.  They didn’t have any of course, so we bought some shredded cabbage and some mustard.  While I was in the shop, a woman came up to me and asked me if I remembered her.  She had on a face mask and glasses….I had no idea!  I asked her who she was and as soon as I heard her voice I remembered her.  She was one of my private students when I worked at L’Eikaiwa.  She was a lovely lady, but I haven’t seen her for about 7 years and I haven’t been her teacher in more than 10 years.  F and I talked about it later and think that she must have forgotten that she was wearing a mask! 

We came home and I took the leftover bread dough out of the fridge.  I let it warm and rise a little and then I baked it as buns.  We only got 5 buns tonight, but they smelt incredible when I took them out of the oven.  F had to go and walk his dog, so we wrapped up a bun for him to take to his mum and I packed up a bit of the leftover chicken for her too.  I am not sure if she’ll like it so I didn’t give her a lot of it, but when you aren’t feeling too well, it is nice not to have to cook a lot on top of everything else.  

While he was gone, I got the table set and waited for him to come home.  I microwaved the food when he came home and we ate our leftovers.  We still have quite a bit of chicken left, but all the spinach and egg dish is done.  The buns were really nice, but they’re done now too.  F is talking about making more!

After dinner, F did the dishes and then we headed out to Mikawa Mall.  I nearly fell asleep on the way.  We got there and parked the car of course.  We walked over to Aeon/Jusco and I checked out the craft corner.  I saw some balls of yarn that were on for quite cheap so I got some.  I’ll make something fun with them I think.

We looked at baking goods, but didn’t buy anything there.  We walked back to the theatre and went to see the new Annie.  We both really enjoyed it.  

We came home and had some crab. Yes, more food!  Ay ya yai! F had bought it yesterday, but we had too much then.  Tonight it was nice.  After that, he whipped some cream, and we had the strawberries we didn’t have last night.  That was nice, but I sort of feel like I don’t need to eat for a few days!

Today turned out much better than I thought it would.  I’m not sure what’s going to happen tomorrow.  F has to go to his mum’s in the morning, and then in the later afternoon too.  I’m not sure if we’ll go shopping or stay close to home.  Come back tomorrow and find out.  Night!

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