January 26, 2015

Monday - Clear and warm

A good day.  

I overslept again today.  I missed the first episode of Grey’s Anatomy, but then again, I missed it the first time it was on too.  What’s new?

I got up, did a little bit of reading and then got on with my day.  I was really surprised today that F didn’t come home for lunch.  Surprised in a good way!  I honestly don’t know why he doesn’t go back to his office to eat lunch, but that’s him.  

I did some laundry and was about to get stuck into doing some housework when F called to say he was coming home for a few minutes then would take his mother to the doctor again.  Honestly, I really wish the doctor would do more than give her painkillers.  This isn’t fair to her.  She’s quite an active old lady, she shouldn’t be in so much pain.

I had a fairly quiet afternoon after lunch.  I did the dishes and got the table cleared off so that I wouldn’t have to do that at dinner time.  

When F came home he was ready to go to bed!  He’s been feeling a bit odd these days, hope he’s okay.  I think it might be a slight cold or something.  I sprang into cooking mode and did some vegetables for us along with the chicken we bought yesterday.  We had basil chicken,  green onions, sriracha green beans, and salad.  It was nice actually.  I quite impressed myself at how fast I was making it all!

I tried to give F the night off dishes duty so he could go to bed, but he said he’s stay up a bit longer.  He didn’t go to bed until midnight, so it’s probably a good thing!

I had a fairly relaxing evening.  I did up a few postcards, finished my scarf (finally!) and darned in a few ends on the blanket I’m making too.  My scarf is great.  It may not look brand new and perfect, but it is very soft and cozy.  I sewed it into a loop, and I can wear it looped twice around my neck for looks or three times for warmth.  
My little scarf made from Combination Yarn and done in a 2x2 Rib.
Anyway, that’s about it for now.  I’m going to try and get to bed fairly soon, so I’ll end this.  It was a decent day.  Tomorrow the weather is supposed to be rainy which is sad as I had thought about going out.  Still, I should run to the post office in the evening.  That’s it for me.  Night!

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