January 4, 2015

Sunday - Rainy/snowy

An okay day.

I slept in late today as is my Sunday custom.  I needed it though as we didn’t go to bed until very late last night.  

When I got up, we vegged for a bit and then went for lunch.  We chose the Daiichi Hotel and had their Shonai Pork lunch.  It was quite nice really, although I felt that their vegetables could have been a bit better!

F went for a haircut and I did a bit of hacking around the mall.  I didn’t buy too much, just a hanger for my scarves and a box for post cards.  Although it is for nengajo, I could probably use it for postcrossing storage! I planned to go to Doutors while F was at the barbers, but it was packed and I didn’t feel brave enough to go in.  When F called me to say he was done, I completely muffed up my iPhone…I’m having the devil of a time figuring out how the blazes to use it! 

We came home then and were planning to watch Frozen, but some of the men were outside shovelling snow, so F had to join then.  He was outside for ages before he came in.  He was a bit miffed at me because I wasn’t out shovelling snow, but I don’t care.  I’m still getting over this stupid cold and my lungs haven’t really recovered yet.  An hour outside would not do them any good.  I tried to explain to him that when I’m around that many people I would be extremely uncomfortable and I wouldn’t be doing the snow shovelling in “the Japanese Way” if there’s such a thing.  The other thing that I didn’t say to him is just the truth…I don’t have a car, I don’t drive and I don’t really care if the road is clear or not!  I was upset with F being out there as long as he was because I know how bad his back is, and also that when everyone else was away, HE did a ton of snow-shovelling almost by himself.  He’ll have to go to work and do the same thing all over again.  I think he’s older than most of the other guys anyway, so I don’t really see why they can’t pick up the slack!

Okay, that’s my snow-rant.

Of course, by the time he came in, it was too late to watch the movie, so we tabled it until after dinner.  Around 5:30 or so, we left and went to the Komagi-Spa for their buffet.  

Last year we had gone and it was crowded and really good.  Today it was empty, but really good.  We had a nice meal and I managed to behave myself mostly.  I went a bit overboard at the dessert table, but that was from trying everything.  I realized afterwards that I should have just picked one or two things that I really wanted and left the rest.

After dinner we picked up a few groceries for the next couple of dinners.  I see some roasted veggies in my future, and hopefully soup tomorrow night.  

I made tea when we came home, and F tried to get the new DVD player to work properly, but he discovered that he’d set it up wrong and wasn’t able to fix it tonight.  At one point he told me that I wouldn’t be able to watch some of my stations tomorrow so I was a bit put out!  It’s not like there’s all that much that I do watch during the day anyway.  

And so we tabled Frozen for this week.  Maybe we can manage next weekend!  In other news, the women’s group that I moderate has been hopping this weekend.  We have had a lot of new members join and so I am trying desperately to keep up!  The next thing with that group will be taking off the non-renewed members.  Sigh.

So that was my day.  It was okay, but not great.  Tomorrow…who knows.  Night!

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