January 5, 2015

Monday - Warmer but cloudy

An okay day.

I got up at 9:00am this morning so that I could watch The X-Files.  I watched them and then I got a call from F saying that he had taken the rest of the day off.  His mother wasn’t doing well so he planned to take her to the doctor.  

He popped home for a few minutes to change and then was off again.  I had some online stuff that happening that I had to deal with and then I decided to forget about it for a while and take a shower! After my shower I did a couple of loads of laundry too. Oh yay!

When F came home it was the afternoon.  He was really tired and went to bed, so I went and visited him.  He offered to take me out for lunch, and off we went.  I chose Coco’s.  F had already eaten with his mother.  He had taken her to a ramen restaurant…what else!  At Coco’s, I had a lunch chicken and coconut curry dish that was quite good.  F had dessert and we both had drink bar. 

After lunch we came home and F took a bit of a nap.  I watched some TV and did a little computer stuff.  Although I had planned to make dinner today, I didn’t after all.  

Around 7 pm we went to Kintaro Sushi for dinner.  I only had a few pieces of sushi as I was still a bit full from lunch.  It was nice to go there tonight and the place wasn’t too busy, so we got in right away.  It was a warm day, so I left my coat in the car.  

We came home after dinner and after a bit of time I made some tea.  F watched some kickboxing stuff while I ignored it, and then I watched Person of Interest and then Law & Order.  That’s about it really. I did write up a couple of postcards tonight.  These were the first of the year, so nice, but the people I’m sending to were a bit difficult.  Both had very strong requests that weren’t in my interests!

Tomorrow I have to get started on some computer stuff for my women’s group, make soup and go to the post office.  I think I’ll be busy! Come back tomorrow night and see how much I get done!  Night.

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