January 7, 2015

Wednesday - Cold and snowy.  Brr!

A good day.

I overslept this morning. I didn’t sleep that well last night and couldn’t drag myself out of bed this morning. That meant that I missed my dose of X-Files.  Too bad for me.  I did get up after that and checked my computer stuff, then I had breakfast, read the paper and watched America’s Next Top Model.  This was an old one though, one from 2008.  I was rather surprised to hear it was that old.

I was chilling out, thinking about my shower when F called to say he was bringing a bento home, did I want one too.  I said no, and that I was going to take a shower.  When I came out of the shower, F was in the living room eating. After a few minutes he went back to work.

In the afternoon I watched DCI Banks on WOWOW and then put on an episode of Agents of Shield.  I quite like the show.  It’s fun and since there aren’t commercials, it’s a little over 40 minutes long.  I scanned my cards that I had received and sent, and then uploaded them to the postcrossing website.  

Around 4:30 I realized I had better get moving, so I put stamps on my cards, changed into some outside clothes and set out on my way to the post office.  I walked there of course.  Going there wasn’t too bad as the wind was at my back.  In the post office, I bought 6 yen worth of stamps for a greeting card I was sending, then mailed off my postcrossings and a nengajo that I had to send.  Done!

The walk home wasn’t so nice.  The snow was blowing in my face.  It was tiny little spicules of ice and as the snow was blowing towards me, kept blowing my hood down.  I did have a hat on, but the hood was helping protect me from the wind.  I made it home, but it wasn’t nice out there.  

F called me a little later to say he was on his way.  As we’d forgotten to buy kerosene last night, we had to do it tonight.  I helpfully put the empty tanks and the holder next to the door for him.  When he came home, he put them in the back of the car.  

He came in the apartment, changed his clothes and we decided what to do.  We needed to have dinner, go to the drugstore, the gas station and the grocery shop.  So, that’s what we did.

Dinner was at a nearby Chinese restaurant and wasn’t too bad really.  It was better than I thought it would be.  I had a chicken and garlic stir-fry that I made into a set with rice and soup.  F had a ramen set with an omelette on rice.  

Next up we hit the drugstore for a few minutes, then the gas station.  F filled up the car and the kerosene tanks…obviously not from the same pump!

At the grocery store we looked for food.  Surprisingly, there was butter today.  I got a box!  There was a man standing in front of it for ages and I joked to F that I should shove him out of the way so I could buy some! I finally leaned in from behind and grabbed one.  I did excuse myself to him in Japanese, so I wasn’t completely rude! I haven’t seen butter in the store for about 2 months, so this was cool.  I also saw something I was really pleased with.  The store was selling off boxes of Earl Grey tea that was due to hit its best before date at the end of the month for 53 yen!  As a dedicated tea drinker, and a lover of Earl Grey, I couldn’t refuse the challenge. 

F had asked for curry over the next couple of days, but sadly (!) there wasn’t any cubed pork on offer, so I decided to make a chicken stew instead.  I love my chicken stew, its just a lot of work to make it.  
And then we came home.  At home I made us a pot of my new tea and we relaxed for the evening.  F set up the bread maker for tomorrow. He’s going to make some for his mother.  He also watched a lot more TV than I did as WOWOW took off my evening programs this week.  Oh well.  

And really, that’s about it.  Tomorrow I have to do some work for my women’s group and then later on I’ll be spending lovely time in the kitchen making my stew.  Wish me luck with that!  Night.


Mieko said...

Happy new year,t though it.s a belated message. Well I'm surprised that you go out to buy kerosene. I think in your area kerosene is necessary so I think you would have asked to deliver it. Actually I do. I know it 's a little bit expensive than to buy it at gas station or home center. However-----.
Now I ' m thinking I will also cook stew for dinner.

Helen said...

Thanks Mieko!

Because Tsuruoka is a small city, but over a big area, everyone drives. I had suggested that we get it delivered, but my husband would rather pick up kerosene himself. When I lived here by myself before marriage, I got it delivered because I don't drive.

I like stew! What kind will you make? Mine will be chicken and lots of vegetables! It's very good.