January 8, 2015

Thursday - Didn’t go out

Good day that tanked.

I got up just after F left this morning. He had come back to pick something up.  I got up, watched X-Files and did some computer stuff. I had breakfast and vegged on the couch for a bit.  F called me and asked me for more help with something that I wrote for him yesterday.  

I did a little writing, and then emailed him back. He was pleased.

I worked on something for my women’s group. Today, I was checking to see if the people on our mailing group really belonged there.  Happily, almost all of them did. 

Around 3 I stopped working for a while and had my lunch.  I had some of the food from Tuesday night and it was nice.  Then, I got started on dinner.  I had to do a bit of cleanup in the kitchen, there were dishes to wash and so on.  Finally I got started.

I peeled and prepped vegetables, then worked on my stew.  It was looking and smelling good.  F came home when I was still in the process of cooking it.  He asked me about the weekend trip.  Apparently he still wants to go on one.  Instead of letting me book it like I had planned, he decided to be the big shot and book a hotel.  He asked me about several of the hotels that I had already checked and I told him why this one wouldn’t work or why that one wasn’t an option.  

He said he found one and started to reserve it.  Then, he had to apply for a credit card too.  Huh?  He did suggest that he get me one too, so I didn’t object, but the hotel’s website had said it was full three hours earlier.  He kept telling me to stop talking so he could concentrate.  I was being quiet but having my husband barking at me to stop was annoying to say the least.

When it was time to eat, of course he refused to come and eat with me as he was still playing around with the application.  I had a bowl of my stew and it was really nice.  I waited to have a second one with F when he finished, but when he finished he said he wouldn’t eat any of my stew.  So, let me get this straight…he tells me to stop talking, won’t eat any of the incredibly yummy food I spent 3 hours making and then expects me to go away for the weekend with him? I don’t think so. 

We’ve ignored each other for the rest of the evening, but sometime around 11 he started sleeping on the couch and is still there.  I hope he intends to spend the night there! 

He’s got one day to redeem himself, but I am not in a forgiving mood.  I’ve had a busy day today and I really didn’t need my husband being an idiot.  

That’s about it for me.  I’m tired, annoyed and I just want to get some sleep.  Night.


Shannon Walsh said...

Hi. I enjoy reading your daily updates. I used to live in Nagoya, but NY now. Would love to return one day. It makes me sad to read about how your husband treats you though. Hang in there.

Helen said...

Hi Shannon! Thanks for writing me a note.

DH is not always an idiot, but he gets into a strange mindset and stays that way for far too long.

New York is a bit of a change from Japan I imagine.

Kentucky Lady said...

Just returned from 3 weeks in Japan visiting family for the holidays. Enjoyed the new grandson.
Hope you days improve. Good luck on the weekend.

Kentucky Lady

Helen said...

Thanks! I will probably need it!