February 13, 2015

Friday - Cold and snowy

A good day.

I got up a little late this morning, but caught up with my schedule and had a usual kind of morning.  Today, F came for lunch.  It was nice to see him, but I’m not sure why he comes this far for lunch!

In the afternoon I watched some of the TV that I taped while we were away, plus some on live TV too.  

F came home around 6:30 and I was already working on dinner.  Tonight we had teriyaki chicken, salad and stirfried brussel sprouts, along with leftover toad-in-the- hole and gravy.  It was pretty nice.  F seemed to really like it.

Tonight, since there wasn’t much on TV for a while I suggested watching a DVD.  We ended up watching Burke and Hare.  It was odd.  I laughed a lot at it because I just got the humour of the film.  It had Simon Pegg, Andy Serkis, Tom Wilkinson, and Ronnie Corbett amongst others in it.  I wouldn’t recommend it for most people honestly, I don’t think F liked it much.  

That’s really about it for the night.  It was a quiet day.  We do have a couple of things planned for tomorrow.  I’d like to go and get my passport photos taken and then F and I may go to an electronic shop and look at printer/scanners.  I just realized tonight that I could give my printer to F as he is running a lower system on his computer than I am.  My printer/scanner works really well, it is just the system has moved too far away from it now.  I spent almost an afternoon trying to make it work, but it wouldn’t.  

Come back tomorrow night and see what we get up to! Until tomorrow….

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