February 16, 2015

Monday - Clear and sunny, warm

A good day.

I got up this morning and had a basically quiet time of it.  F popped in for a few minutes to get something, but was on his way again soon.  I tried to read more of Middlemarch, but I wasn’t into it this morning and abandoned it in favour of the newspaper.  I’ll try again tomorrow.  

I took a shower and tried to watch Agents of Shield, but it wasn’t on the TV.  Sigh.  I watched bits and pieces of stuff, from “live” TV and from the DVR.  In the afternoon I prepared a couple of packages to go out.  One was a bookmooch, the other for a lady in my women’s group.  Around 4 I ran them off to the post office.  Or, should I say, I biked them off?  I rode my bicycle this afternoon. I think it was the first time this year.  Yay for me.  

I came home and then washed the dishes.  I got the table set and dinner pre-started.  I took out the pot, filled it with water, that kind of thing.  F came home a bit late tonight.  I didn’t mind too much. I had fortuitously found Before Sunrise on cable, so re-watched it. It was wonderful, and also quite bittersweet, in terms of what I know will happen to the two along the way.  Casablanca came on just as F came home.  When dinner was ready I turned it off.  Sigh.  

We had linguini Alfredo tonight, plus smoked duck breast and a side salad each.  It was quite nice really.  I certainly enjoyed it.  Immediately after dinner, F disappeared to the bedroom and there he stayed for most of the night.  I was a tad perturbed as it was his turn to do the dishes, but decided if he was that tired, I’d probably be better off doing them now, than I would be by waiting for him.  Luckily there wasn’t that much to do so I got them done quickly.

I checked the TV listings and found that Out of Africa was going to be on in a few minutes.  I had never seen it, so decided that since it looked like F was going to be AWOL for the night, I would watch it.  I really enjoyed it.  Meryl Streep was amazing and Redford was pretty okay too!  

The kerosene in the heater ran out about 20 minutes before the movie did, so I just left it!  I didn’t want to miss anything.  After the movie, I filled it up again, and surprise, surprise, F made a brief appearance.  He’s back in bed asleep now.  

I had a good evening.  I wrote two postcards, watched a movie I’ve never seen before and washed the dishes.  Hurray for me.  Not sure what I’ll get up to tomorrow.  Come on back and find out.  Until tomorrow night….

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