February 2, 2015

Monday - Don’t know, didn’t go out

A not great day.

I got up early this morning and realized that if I went back to bed I’d oversleep.  I decided to bed down on the couch for a few minutes instead.  I woke up an hour and a bit later.  Sigh.  I decided rather than take my reading time and watch my show, I would start preparing dinner.  

For the next hour plus, I cleaned and peeled and chopped vegetables and prepared the roast we got yesterday for cooking.  Finally it was ready and I turned it on and let it cook.

F didn’t come home during lunch time so I was quite pleased.  I had just started to relax when he came home a little after one. He made himself lunch and was still really grouchy.  He finally left again and I could breathe.  

I had a quiet afternoon.  I took a shower and watched something I’d taped on the weekend.  Then, he came home again.  It happened every time I wanted to start doing something.  He stayed for a while as he was waiting for people to finish up their work.  

Around 6 I got busy again.  I peeled more potatoes and put them in a pan, and I got out the last of the green beans and prepared them for cooking too.  F came home after I was finished and one of the first things he did was exclaim how badly the apartment stank like meat and how it was making him sick. Things weren’t good for a bit after that.  I decided not to push the meat on F, and then asked him if he’d eat the non-meat stuff that I made.  He said he would and then took to his bed.

I cooked the potatoes, green beans and even made gravy…never done it from scratch before.  The roast was done and looked great.  I set the table and then called him.  He came and he chose what he wanted to eat.  I already had my plate.  Dinner was great for me.  The roast was pretty good, maybe slightly overdone as I’d cooked it for a while and it was small.  After dinner, F did the dishes, which really surprised me.  He liked the potatoes, beans and gravy.  He had to have ramen with it of course.

We had a fairly quiet evening.  There wasn’t much on TV for me until late.  I watched Person of Interest from the couch and finished my crochet project.  Then I started darning in the ends, which is quite difficult with this yarn!

I finished for the night and then went back to my computer.  Tonight I’ve darned in yarn ends and written three postcards to go out tomorrow.  

For our next dinner I’m supposed to be making garlic pork.  I was told that he would eat it, so I will make it and have my roast as back up I think.  Anyway, come back and find out what I get up to.  Until tomorrow….

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