February 20, 2015

Friday - Clear and sunny. 

A good day.  

I got up on time, had a very nice morning at home too.  I watched some TV and then just as I was getting ready to make the bed, had a call from my hubby to say he was on his way home for lunch.  

After he left, I scanned some cards and got myself ready to go out.  As I was getting ready, the doorbell rang.  F had got a delivery.  I paid for it for him and signed for it too.  

I biked off to the post office.  I was able to do everything fairly easily.  I sent off my old passport so hopefully I’ll be able to get my lovely new passport soon.  Yay.  I came home again and had a spot of lunch.  It was late, but I needed it.  

I got the table ready for dinner and started to prepare dinner.  I made some quick soup with some dried veggies I have and also got the broccoli ready to cook.  When F came home I was able to start dinner fairly quickly.  It all came together fast.  We had vegetable noodle soup, garlic pork, steamed broccoli, lettuce and leftover couscous.  Yum. F gave dinner great reviews and did the dishes afterwards.  

He finally figured out how to “rip” a cd and for a while we were listening to Glenn Gould playing Bach. It was lovely.  F kept apologizing, but since I was writing at the time, I couldn’t have asked for anything better for me!  I worked on my Journal column and have got it almost ready to go.  Another read through or two and it should be good.  

F put on Ender’s Game and I ended up watching it.  I rather liked it.  F went to bed on it though.  He couldn’t stay awake any longer. Poor dear.  I went over to the couch for my silly show (Pretty Little Liars) and finished darning in the ends of my blanket.  I still have a bit of work to do on it, but I’m quite proud of it.  

And that was my day.  I’m not sure what will go on tomorrow, I’m hoping that it’ll be fun and will include a movie, but I can’t say for sure. Until tomorrow then….


Rosa said...

Nice work, Helen! I like the pastel colors. How does you hand not cramp up from all that work though? Dang.

I adore Glen Gould. Have you seen the movie about his life, Thirty-two Short Films About Glen Gould? It's worth a look if you can find it online.

Helen said...

Thank you!

It's going to be a baby blanket, I'm just not sure for whom! It was a stash buster...but I did have to buy more wool for it. Still, I am liking the way it is turning out.

Actually, sometimes my hand does cramp up a bit, but since that was done in squares, I usually stopped after one or two. There are crochet hooks with handles that are much easier on hands too. I have a couple, but didn't use one for this project!

I haven't seen the Glenn Gould movie you spoke of. I wanted to, I'm not sure if it played at a bad time for me or what. I should keep that in mind the next time we go to the dvd rental place...which doesn't happen very often though :-(

Thanks for visiting!

MsMouse7 said...

The blanket is gorgeous; lovely pastels!

Helen said...

Thank you! I'm not quite done yet, I'm planning to do an edging and I'd like to neaten up the joins.

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