February 21, 2015

Saturday - Clear and sunny, bit cool

A good day.  

I got up this morning and took a shower.  I waited for F to come home, but I was so hungry I had a bit of breakfast.  Afterwards, he arrived and we decided to go out.  He chose the restaurant from our book of local places and off we went. The book said it was a darts and billiard bar, and it was.  It also served lunches.  We both had pasta, just different types.  I had bacon and asparagus pepperoncino, F had carbonara.  They came with a soft drink, onion rings and a small salad.  It was quite nice.  However, we both decided we probably wouldn’t go there again.  F was bothered by the smoky smell in the place, I was bothered by the lack of tables.  We were perched on bar stools.  However, I might go again if I was ever in the neighbourhood at lunchtime.

We went off to McDonalds for something hot to drink, then to Yamaya for some foreign foods.  We got some soft drinks and a few bits and bobs for the kitchen.  Then we came home.  We relaxed for a while and then F went off to walk his dog.  

When F came back, we decided where to go for dinner.  This time I listed off a few places and we decided to go for curry to the Indian-Nepali place.  We were the only customers there, but had a good meal.  I had sag chicken curry, F had chicken curry.  I didn’t have the rice that came with it, but I didn’t cancel my dessert.  Shocker there!  It was good, but the waitress dropped a few things when she tried to take away our plates.  The staff apologized when we left, but honestly, nothing hit me and it was an accident anyway!

We drove out to Mikawa and went to the theatre right away. We had about 30 minutes before our movie started, so we bought our tickets and then waited for a bit before we got our popcorn.  We went to see American Sniper tonight.  It was a well made film with good performances, but I honestly had a debate with myself a few minutes into it about whether I should walk out or not.  I didn’t, but as I told F afterwards, I don’t need to see it again.  Clint Eastwood is a good director and I think this is a good film, but I didn’t really like it.  

F and I came home via the grocery store.  He wants to do some cooking, and surprise, surprise there was finally GREEK YOGURT in the shop!  Yay!  I’m so glad. I’ve been searching for it for years.  It only comes in tiny little containers though, but it is a start.

We came home and I watched a bit of the Brit Awards, which was actually a repeat from ages ago and then Miss Marple.  It was a pretty cool episode actually.  Amongst the cast was one very good looking young man with an interesting voice.  It turned out to be Richard Armitage, also known these days as Thorin Oakenshield from The Hobbit movies.  

I spent a few minutes trying to find us a glamorous, exciting flight to somewhere in the world, but F wasn’t co-operating.  When I said to name a place he’d like to go, he chose my hometown.  NO! I did find us a flight there for not too much, but probably more than he’d like to pay!  I then tried out for Paris.  We could get a flight from Haneda to Paris….for not too much.  Of course, we’d have to sleep under a bridge somewhere, but at least it would be a Parisian bridge!

That’s about it for me.  I’m not sure what we’ll do tomorrow.  We might see another movie, but I’m rooting for karaoke!  Find out what we do next entry. Until tomorrow….

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