February 22, 2015

Sunday - Cloudy and a bit rainy

A good day.

Both F and I stayed up late last night, so he wasn’t able to get up this morning and take his dog for a walk.  His mother managed so that was good.  I got up around 11, checked email and then went back to bed. I was tired and not feeling too great.  Although I set my alarm, I overslept a bit.  

When I got up and got dressed, we talked about where to go for lunch.  F wanted to go to Fujishima to the drive-in restaurant.  We went there and it was fine.  I had a stirfried veggie set meal, F had a ramen set. I think I got the best of the deal.  

After lunch we drove into Amarume and looked for a new restaurant.  We found it right by the station and did a little looking around.  They had a souvenir shop and a little coffee/tea bar.  We had a hot drink and an apple danish that was quite nice.  After that, a quick visit to the train station and then back home.  F had to take his dog out after all.

When F came home, we talked about going out for dinner.  I suggested the Komagi Park buffet with a back up of F’s favourite fish shop.  We got to the buffet, but tonight it was booked up so we couldn’t go there.  We were driving to the restaurant when F asked if I’d rather go to Simon, a French-Japanese fusion place and of course the answer was yes!  

We were able to go in and get seated right away. The meat course had tomato sauce on it, so I decided to have fish tonight and then F followed suit.  We had a lovely meal with trout and flatfish in a brown butter sauce plus salads and soup. It was very nice.  

After dinner, we picked up a few groceries and then headed home.  We watched a bit of TV and then I went over to the couch for Downton Abbey.  While I watched, I did some of the finishing on my blanket.  I switched over to Project Runway Allstars when Downton Abbey finished.  

And basically that was my day.  It was quite nice.  F and I got along well, we had some nice food, and relaxed a bit.  Hurray for that.  Tomorrow though…it is the Academy Awards show and I’ll be glued to my TV for that. I’ll also be Facebooking the show if anyone is interested in following along.  Until tomorrow then….

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