February 25, 2015

Wednesday - Cloudy, then sunny

A good day.  

I got up early this morning.  I did.  I got up, looked around the living room, checked email quickly and got dressed.  I went out a little bit after 9 am.  I went to Machi-kine to see (Don’t hate me) Fifty Shades of Grey(Don’t hate me).  It was beautiful to look at, I mean the gorgeous Vancouver exteriors, and Jamie Dornan isn’t bad either, but overall….I’m so glad I didn’t read the books!  Two hours and it was over!  At the end I was thinking, “Shouldn’t this be wrapping up soon?” and, luckily, it did!  My popcorn and drink were great.  I’m not sure if popcorn will catch on as a breakfast food, but it is a cereal after all! 

After the movie I left the theatre and detoured into the big shrine on the corner near the post office.  As I went in, I realized that it was 30 years since my mother died.  I spent a bit of time at the shrine and felt that my mother would have appreciated the gesture.  It was peaceful in there as I was the only person around and afterwards I felt at peace, and grateful for the time that we had her in our lives.

I biked over to the mall next.  I checked out the restaurant upstairs to see what their specials were. One of them was a pasta I could eat, so I went in and had lunch.  I had chicken and mushroom cream pasta.  It came with a non-alcoholic cocktail, salad, soup, bun and coffee (in my case tea).  It was quite nice.  I really enjoyed the pasta.

After lunch I visited the 100 yen shop and got a few things, then checked out the grocery store downstairs.  I didn’t buy anything there.  I decided to come home afterwards, rather than stop into the coffee shop.  I biked home.

At home I did a bit of bike maintenance and then got caught up on my TV and email.  It was quite relaxing. 

F came home a bit late today and we thought about where to go for dinner.  I suggested a few places, but we finally decided on Bikkuri Donkey!! We went and had an okay meal.  I was miffed because I couldn’t have the meal type I wanted, I had to have the one with rice.  They didn’t have any of the larger sized meat patties.  That didn’t bother us, but I wanted the non-rice dishes.  

We hit up the drug store for a few things, then the grocery store.  I’m going to be cooking for the next couple of nights again.  

When we came home, I watched my Wednesday shows, Once Upon a Time, CSI and Scandal.  Of course, I also caught the re-broadcasts of House and Bones. I did a bit more finishing work on my blanket...still a long way to go.  

I hope to do a bit of tidying up tomorrow and maybe some getting ready for my trip!  Come back soon and see what I get up to!  Until tomorrow….


Rosa said...

Sorry about your mom, Helen. You--and she--must have been quite young when she died. Can't imagine losing my mom; must have been hard on you.

On a lighter note: There's lots of gossip and such around 50 Shades of Gray these days. The newest is that Leonardo DiCaprio has the hots for Dakota Johnson!

Helen said...

I was young, my mum was an older mother when she had me. She wasn't old, really, but she was older. I was in college when she died.

Dakota is definitely a blend of her parents...she's quite good looking but Leo seems a bit too old for her! It was an odd film...not just because all the "naughty" bits were pixilated out in Japan.

Thanks for visiting....