February 4, 2015

Wednesday - Cool but mostly clear

A good day.

I woke up this morning the first time when I heard a little beep from the kitchen.  My timer’s battery has run out of juice and it was making a protest.  F asked me what was beeping and I told him.  It seemed to stop, so I went back to sleep, F went off to work.  I woke up later to a prolonged beeping attack…the timer went off again. I got up, took the battery out completely and then crashed on the couch.  I woke up properly after 10.  Oh dear.  I missed my reading time today.

I watched my show, had breakfast and was thinking about my shower when F called to say he was coming home to eat.  He did, it was fine.  He basically did an eat and run.  

In the afternoon I never really got motivated to do anything.  I tried, but failed.  I finally had lunch….which was cleaning out the fridge of a lot of leftovers.  They weren’t bad though!  

F was a bit late tonight but seemed in good spirits when he came.  He changed and we talked about where to go for dinner.  We decided to go to a local Japanese restaurant and it was a good choice.  He was able to have ramen and I didn’t have to!  I had pork piccata and it was nice, except for the generous amount of ketchup on it.  I don’t do ketchup except on fries! 

We bought a few groceries after dinner and then came home.  I went over to the couch for a while and put some finishing touches on my little project.  I think it looks rather nice.  We watched some TV and I enjoyed it.  

After midnight, F gave me a small present.  He got me some room socks.  It’s actually perfect because I really only wanted something small.  Room socks will help keep my feet warm, they get quite cold this time of year.  

That’s about it for me.  I had a good day today.  Yay!  Tomorrow I’m having lunch with a friend and then I’m going to cook our dinner.  F is going to take me out on Friday night to celebrate.  It’s a little easier going on Friday as he doesn’t have to work the next day.  Come back tomorrow and I’ll fill you in.  Until tomorrow….

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